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    the sims medieval cheat world: everyone has to begin somewhere and the first ambition of any Monarch is to populate their kingdom. A kingdom full of buildings and Sims is just what a budding ruler needs. You earn achievements as you play, which increases your watcher level. Get achievements to advance past “peepsmith” level. Kingdom mode - this is where you manage your kingdom and place buildings. Keep an eye on the upper right corner of the screen. Important messages and story points show up there as you play.


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    The state of the kingdom - this panel has a summary of the kingdom’s current status. Renows, and resources, right now, the kingdom needs a monarch. The monarch is a hero Sim that you need to play the game. A monarch lives and works in the throne room. Click on the green map marker over the throne room to see the building details. On the building details, you’ll choose a monarch to occupy the throne room. The throne room is the nerve center of the royal palace and a hub of activity for running the day to day operations of the kingdom.

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    Now that you have a hero sim, you can embark upon quests. You need to be on a quest to play the game. Open the quest book to choose your quests. In the quest book, you can select any quest in the list. There are dozens of quests in the game, but only a few will be available at a time. Different quests will show up at different times depending on how you play.
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    Some quests have multiple ways that you can approach them. As your kingdom gains more hero sims, quests will have more available approachers. Finally, you must choose a hero sim, for the quest, who you will control. Some quests require more than one hero sim in the quest party. For now, you can only choose the monarch.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: live model - this panel lets you: select which sim you’re controlling, see your performance on the current quest, get guidance for your current quest. Hover over this guidance icon if you need help on your hack cheats. When you are looking inside a building, you will always look through the front wall, as you are now, in addition to the camera dial, there are many other controls you can use in live mode.


    the sims medieval tricks: focus meter - you can maintain high focus by staying well rested, keeping your belly satiated, and engaging interactions that align with your traits. In addition to increasing quest performance, high Focus gives you a better chance of succeeding in your tasks and challenges. To maintain high focus, collect positive buffs, avoid negative ones, and try to clear out negative ones that appear in menu.
    Use the round, yellow location marker to find the forest. Right clicking on the location marker will center the camera on the forest. You can click on the ground in the forest and select “go here” to start walking there. Alternately, you can click on the location marker and choose “go to location”.The walk to the forest is long. To make time go by faster, use the speed controls or keys 1 through 4. Ultra speed through current action will speed up time until you get to the forest.
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