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    Knights of Honor cheat world: this game is a real time empire conquering simulation. We recommend that you go through all of the site pages in order to understand the game and fully enjoy its rich game play. In game Europe is divided into provinces. Each province contains a town and the kingdom that owns the town, owns the entire province. In this case, below the arrow is the town in the only province that you currently possess - the town of Ulster in the province Ulster. You may notice the sometimes the name of the town in the same as the name of the province but in most cases they will differ.


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    Besides a town the provinces contain smaller settlements - the rural areas. There are several types of rural area, each supplying the town with different resources. Notice that one of the rural areas is located at the coast and is called a coastal village. Also, on the map you can see rivers, forests, mountains (your army can’t march through the mountains). You have a distant zoomed out view of the world at the bottom right of the screen, called the mini map. It has different zoom levels and two modes political and strategic. You can switch modes by clicking on the buttons above the mini map.

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    The flag on the town is your kingdom’s flag - the Irish flag. This indicates that you own it. You can see what happens in that province because you own it. Keep in mind that sometimes the distance between your towns can be greater than the size of the screen. To locate them you can scroll the map by moving the mouse pointer towards the edges of the screen. Eventually, when your empire becomes much larger, there are more convenient ways to navigate available to you. YOu can see the borders of your kingdom at the edge of the province. Beyond the borders are the territories of the kingdoms.
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    You may notice that the foreign territories are slightly darker. This indicates that you can’t see what is happening there. For example, these could be an enemy army camp there, but you wouldn’t be able to see it. However, in some cases you will be able to see into foreign territories. For example you could have a spy there, you could be allied with the kingdom or the kingdom could be your vassal. A royal family rules your kingdom of Ireland. To see who they are, click on the royal dynasty - button on the main interface. There is the portrait of your current ruler of Ireland. You may notice that he has the title of Earl. This was the standard title for a ruler in Ireland in the early medieval period. YOu can also see that he is very young. Beside him you can see his wife’s portrait - the Queen of Ireland.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: your ruler has different talents in different area. The more stars a talent has the better it is and this means that greater achievements are possible. You can always press the pause key on your keyboard when you want to stop the time running. The royal family has the power to rule Ireland. The middle of the scale - this is the default average position and means your royal family currently has average power. Each time you do something dishonourable such as breaking an alliance, starting an unprovoked war or just making a decision that is embarrassing for the population, the kingdom power will drop. After some time though, it will slowly return to its default average position without your intervention.


    Tricks: To improve your kingdom power above average you have to invest gold and piety. Please notice that lower kingdom power means your kingdom also has lower wealth and an increased risk of rebellion. Higher kingdom power will reduce the risk of rebellion as well as increase your wealth dramatically. In top are you can see how wealthy your kingdom is. The numbers here show your current levels of gold, books and piety in your kingdom treasury. The number shows the amount of gold you currently have in your kingdom. In brackets you can see how much gold you are collecting. To see more information about gold, click on the number or the icon next to it.
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