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    . Free cheats code list Romance of the Three Kingdoms - token, chest voucher, treasure, artifact piece, jade, silver, gold, upgrade, level up.

    Romance of the Three Kingdoms cheat world: When selecting ally commanders, choose one from the commanders displaying their HP. Use display target’s HP in the game settings to display an active target’s HP. Select an ally commander to display their estimated damage and accuracy to attack targets within range. View the battle field by zooming in and out.


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    Once a commander is promoted above a certain rank, you can apply various effects under manage commanders> effects. Tap the silver coin and ration icons above each domain to collect resources. With silver coins you can purchase equipment and supplies at the shop or recruit powerful commanders. To recruit a commander, go to banner in the manage menu. Switch banners to recruit other commanders. You need silver coins, jade, or gold coins, hack cheats. You can also, however, use a card.

    Romance of the Three Kingdoms cheats android, ios hack codes


    Certain commanders have unique voices, appearances, and/or special effects. Commanders are also required for stories in which they appear. Tap “!” to view an unlocked commander’s info. Generals: Xiahou Dun - unflinching, he grasped the arrow, ripped the eye from his head, and swallowed it whole. Once of Cao Cao’s most trusted generals, he eventually became the general in chief when Cao Pi became the emperor. Jue Jin - courtresy name Wenqian. An officer of Cao Cao who always led the front line without fear. You Jin later became one of the five Elite generals.

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    Tactics list: ember - attack an enemy unit with fire. Cannot be used during rain, blizzards, or storms. Cannot affect units on Wastelands, mountain, shallows, swamp, rapids, river, or snow. Good from Evil - increase all stats by 1% for every 2% of missing HP. Annihilation battles, only activates at 50% HP and increases all stats by 1 % for every 1% of missing HP. You can unlock commanders with jade seals or gold coins. Jade seals accrue through battle. If you recruit commanders with gold coins, you receive vouchers.

    Romance of the Three Kingdoms secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: hack rewards reset after completing all 28 days. Resets every day at midnight, and you must re-enter the strategic map to have the next reward sent. YOu can exchange vouchers for chests full of wondrous artifacts. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Recruiting right away earns you an additional treacure chest voucher. Trade vouchers for various treasure chests. You can open treasure chests under shop>payment> treasure chest.


    Tricks: go to manage>mission/feat to view and obtain rewards from the feats you’ve completed. Make sure you keep an eye on it, especially if you’re short on resources. All artifacts have a special effect. Commanders with artifacts equipped in all three slots are granted enhanced abilities that may be otherwise unattainable. before a battle, you can hand-pick the commanders or tap auto assign. Select the commanders you want, not exceeding the max units deployable. You can destroy the enemy’s key buildings in battle. Destroying buildings allows you to achieve objectives.
    Romance of the Three Kingdoms hacked

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    1. FDyehBiC60DtqKx - token
    2. O3qn8PN0sZIMRf1 - chest voucher
    3. Iip4vjeidEMfmBX - treasure
    4. edggyTkKoOBOLOd - artifact piece
    5. jkIAIZhWNn1532Q - jade
    6. RgLDKw1igtnrDwC - silver
    7. 2jBLKszuag7NWOA - gold
    8. gvINQQ63kHkzEz7 - upgrade
    9. x3UtnZx1zs71nBv - level up
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