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    The Settlers 7 cheat world: many ages ago, the most prized possession in the kingdom of Tandria was not land, nor livestock, nor gold. But the people’s crown. A crown only awarded to those kings and queens who ruled their lands generously and kindly. But wars and greed had corrupted the hearts of many of its monarchs, leaving the crown without a worthy emissary. And so it was locked away, hidden...until one day a worthy new leader was to be found.


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    ZOe took took to Tandria to meet with an old friend and ally of her father’s. He was to help her with the difficult task of colonizing the unruly kingdom of tandia. He was to help her with the difficult task. Turn Mohnfelden back into the lively place it once was. You start your journey with your castle, a big storehouse full of resources, a constructor and the tavern - the heart of every realm in this world.

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    Let us see if there are any useful resources around. Ha, we are lucky. There are large piles of stones and lots of trees nearby - this will give you an easy start with your first settlement. Click the overview button in the top right corner to enter the overview map. The mission board gives information about your objectives on the map. You can hover above an objective to receive detailed step by step instructions. When deploying buildings, change the position with the mouse and rotate the whole building with the mousewheel. Green marked slots show that there is enough space to attach a work yard to your building. Always make sure your buildings is linked to a road, otherwise you will have to build a street to it.

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    Stones are important for construction, you must find stone piles to gather them. Click on the build menu to construct different types of buildings. Alternatively you can click on open ground. The mountain shelter is the standard building which supports the quarry. Deploy it close to a stone pile. Streets are important for your settlers. Without a street a building or a construction site cannot be reached by carriers or constructors. Place work yards close to resources to reduce walking time and gather efficiently. Once you have placed a standard building you can equip it with work yards. Simply click on an adjacent work yard slot. Workers enter your realm through your castle. New workers stop at a storehouse to pick up a tool before they begin work.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: buildings that are not linked to roads display the street construction icon.Alternatively you can left click on an existing road to open street construction. Construct a street by clicking the street icon, moving the mouse to the desired place and pressing the left button to draw the street. Every building must be linked to a road to be part of the transport system. Living space is provided by standard buildings. The residence especially increases living space for new settlers.


    Tricks: all standard buildings and sector camps provide living space for the population. The residence offers more living space than other standard buildings but costs more resources. Workers, carriers, constructors and other settlers need living space provided by residence or Noble residences. Without living space, these settlers cannot enter your kingdom! More than one mission can be in progress at the same time. Click on any active mission to get information on your progress. Place storehouses to speed transport of Goods from Gatherers to refiners. An efficient network of streets and storehouses connecting your work yards is essential for a strong economy.
    The Settlers 7 hacked

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