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    Crusader Kings 2 CK cheat world: in the game, you can play any medieval ruler at any point in time, from a lowly count to a great emperor. When your character dies, you will need an heir to take over, and so on, down the ages. Unlike most other games, the starring situation is historical - and thus completely unbalanced. Check the estimated difficulty of a ruler before you start playing. The world as we know is in the year of our saviour, 1066. As you can tell, it is divided into distinct regions - counties - each controlled by some ruler or another. Crusader king II is a game about these rulers, their families, relation, intrigue, and power. Be a conqueror or a peaceful family father, as you will, but know that most other characters will lost after more land, more counties.


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    Crusader kings II is a real time game. Clicking any portrait will take you to the character view. This screen contains detailed information about a character - skill, traits, titles and close relations. You can also select an ambitions for your own character. The bottom half of the character view is dedicated to close relations. Vassals are feudal lords in fief to the selected character. The court tab list the people at the court of the character. Pacts lists rulers with whom you have a diplomatic relation with, like an alliance, and the abroad tab lists countries who are currently away for some reason.

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    Every character in the game has an opinion of every other character. The tooltip for the opinion explains the reasons in detail. Computer controlled characters will act in accordance with their opinions. The dynasty of the character is shown in the top right of the screen. A valid heir always has to be of your own Dynasty. You should strive to expand your dynasty and make sure members hold as many titles as possible. Some portraits have little symbols on them. A star means it is the character you currently play, a crown signifies your heir, and a little drop means the character is of your dynasty.

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    In the same screen, you can also see your attributes and traits, which represent your skills and personality. Characters can also have an ambition, which represent their current short term goal. Whenever an ambition if fulfilled the character will get a reward, such as a prestige or piety bonus. Click on the choose an ambition - button, look at your ambitions and choose one. A good ambitions for now could be, for instance, the get married ambition. You will play as a succession of characters from the same dynasty, down the ages. In this learning scenario, you will be safe from attack and internal strife until your ruler turns 40 years old.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: when this happens, Alfonso will die (normally though, characters die of old age, disease or violence) and the learning scenario will end. When he dies, you can keep playing a normal game as his heir. Feel free to navigate through the game as you wish, but note that if you do not follow the learning scenario instructions you might miss out on further help. During the learning scenario, you will get messages like this to help you to figure out what you can do next. You are, however, free to click around and do, it might be helpful to check out the Alerts that appear at the top of the screen. The diplomacy menu - this view lists all the actions you can take towards another character. Note that, unless a character is a ruler, it is usually their liege who actually responds to your proposal.


    Tricks Crusader Kings 2 CK: when you have sent a proposal to a character, it will take them some time to respond. However, you can see their likely answer, and their reasoning, even before you send your proposal. Depending on what you are currently doing, there are several map modes to suit your needs. The default map mode is the terrain map mode. Another helpful map mode is the independent realms map mode, showing the borders of the different realms in the world. Feel free to check our the different map modes in the lower right corner to see what they show.
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