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    The plan of the article:
    A small overview of the game.
    Letter cheats and codes.

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    citadel realms android hack

    Hello, my lord, Welcome to game!I am Nicholas, your arrival will certainly make this city more prosperous! You can join or create an alliance to meet friends, help each other and defend against nemies together.
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    Finally we've got this city back from the Dark Shadow. But the city has to be rebuilt...

    Complete main tasks to quickly increase your fame. Citadel strength represents your capital in the world game citadel realms. Upgrade your buildings, train soldiers, research tech, and you can increase your citadel strength.

    In world map, every lord citadel realms has their own city, the higher the castle level, the more glamorous the castle is. Players from different alliances can attack each other and raid city resources, but always remember to scout before you do so! Protecting your city is very important, you can deploy garrison at your city walls or request garrison from alliance.

    Resource field citadel realms: there are many different resource fields in the world and you can gather and receive different resources from the fields bases on your needs. There are quards in the resource field and the higher the level of the resource field, the strong the quards. Gathering resources with your alliance members will increase the gathering speed. You can plunder resource fields occupied.

    Hero hot spring citadel realms: there are many hot springs scattered throughout the World and a great lord will ask his heroes to bring their troops for a Hot spring dip, which will increase the Hero exp at the same time. The higher the level of the hot spring, the higher the capacity, and the longer the dipping time.Having a hot spring dip with more alliance members will increase the speed of Hero exp.

    how to enter cheats citadel realms

    We've found a new space, what should we build and what resources do we need?
  • how and where enter
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