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    Abandon Ship cheat world: a mortar shell has reduced a crew member to zero health. when this happens, you have a short time to stabilise them. When a crew member is stabilised, they will remain unconscious throughout the battle but will survive. If you do not stabilise them in time, they will die. But don’t worry, in this one instance we will hack the bar before it runs out. Select any standing crew member by left clicking on them. hover the mouse cursor over the incapacitated crew member and right click. This will send over to stabilise their incapacitated colleague. Note that surgeons will stabilise much faster than fellow crew.


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    The barrage has damaged the ship hull. In the bottom left of the screen is a bar that shows the Hull health. If this bar is emptied then the ship will sink. The ship is divided into sections. In the bottom right the sections and their individual health are displayed. Section health influences the performance of everything in that section. Yellow health means it is 50% effective. Red health means it won’t function at all. YOur crew can repair ship sections. Select a crew member and move the mouse cursor into the circled area. When the mouse cursor turns into a hammer icon, right clicking will send that crew to repair. Repairs will go faster the more crew there are repairing.

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    Members: the navigator - grants a bonus to performing ship manoeuvres. The gunner is an expert at reloading weapons. The marine is trained melee fighter, useful for boarding actions. The surgeon can heal crew outside of the sick bay. The sailor repairs the ship at a faster rate. Select a crew member by left clicking them. When selected they will have an orange outline. Move crew by right clicking. If you right click somewhere on the deck of the ship that person will climb on board. Remember that you left click to select and right click to give the move order. You can also left click drag a box to select multiple crew.
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    Cut the ropes that attach the ship to the jetty. Select a crew member and right click on where the ropes attach to the ship. Crew health can be seen around the icon above their head. You can heal crew by sending them to the sick bay medical table. We’ve been hit by a weapon that causes Hull cracks. These splinter the deck and make the ship take on water. There is a water gauge above the hull health. if this reaches the top, the ship will sink. Listen out for the ship bell. This will warn you when your water gauge has reached critical levels. The bel will also sound when your Hull health is dangerously low. Act decisively when you hear the bell or you may sink.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can lower the water level by manning the pumps at the back of the ship. Select a crew member and right click on a water pump to man it. Keep pumping until the water gauge is empty. We’ve been struck by a weapon with flaming ammunition and a fire has broken our. Fires damage sections and injure crew. They will spread unless your crew extinguish them. Exploration mode - you move your ship by clicking on an area. If you prefer, you can hold down the mouse button and your ship will move toward wherever you position the mouse cursor. You can see the whole map by clicking on the highlighted button.


    Abandon Ship tricks: if you wish to travel to a new area you must move through the Gate that has been highlighted at the bottom of the screen. The other gates cannot be opened yet. Navigate over to the gate at the bottom of the map. Use the button to view the whole map if you need to remember where it is. Locked gates can be opened by completing a set number of events. Weapons will reload if someone is manning them and the section health is not in the red. Keep the cannons manned until their reloading bar turns blue.
    Abandon Ship hacked
    Abandon Ship gameplay: pause the game by pressing the space bar. You can also click the highlighted pause button in the top right of the screen. Once you dismiss message you can issue orders while the game is paused. Make sure use of this if things are spiralling out of control. Remember, each crewmen has a speciality. A crewman assigned to their specialist role will confer bonuses. This efficiency will often mean the difference between glory, and the briny depths. You can hover the mouse over any object or UI element to gain additional information via a tooltip. When you’re issued your orders, unpause the game by pressing the Space bar.
    Abandon Ship tutorial
      Abandon Ship weapons:
    • Grapeshot - this anti personal swivel gun fires a wall of small projectiles at enemy crew. High crew damage within area of effect. No hull or section damage. Close maximum range.

    • Chain shot - two metal balls joined by chain, highly effective against sails. Does massive damage to sails. Can be targeted at sails only. Infinite range.

    • Roundshot - popular cannon due to its versatility. Moderate hull and section damage. Low damage to crew. very low chance of causing hull cracks.

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