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    Battletech cheat world: forest reduces movement speed and line of sight, and provides cover (25% damage reduction against ranged attacks to the front and side, does not stack with guarded) . Showboat - part daredevil, part solaris gladiator. Showboat specialized in death from above. She prefers mechs equipped with jump jets, small weapons, and extra armor, in that order.


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    Skills: angel of death - your jump distance is increased by 25%. You take 50% less damage when executing death from above attacks and do not become unsteady. Evasive mode - your mode action grants evasive (50% chance to dodge all incoming ranged attacks until your next turn). Does not apply to melee moves, or when unsteady. Multi target - fire weapons at up to three separate targets within your mech’s current firing arc.

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    Mech details: Hunchback -HBK46: a respected and feared medium mech, the Hunchback 4g is a platform bult around its primary weapon. Mated with a pair of medium lasers, the 4g’s AC/20 is capable of cutting down enemy battle mech with brutal efficiency. Its primary drawback is light rear armor and a relatively slow movement speed. Vindicator - was designed by committee to be a cheap, easy to manufacture jack of all trades. Surprisingly, the vindicator has proven itself a capable fighter, projecting respectable firepower with its PPC, and medium laser. While not as mobile as other medium mechs, it does carry jump jets, and is both heavily armored and very heat efficient.
    Battletech support box
    Mechwarriors : dossier - a deadly ranged combatant, capable of standing her ground against enemy fire while attacking from a stationary position. Favors long ranged weapons like AC/2s and LRMs. Abilities: Bulwark - you gain guarded when remaining stationary (50% damage reduction against ranged attacks to the front and side). Witnes - a tactician and support pilot, Witness prefers to stay out of the thick of combat. Instead, he used advanced sensor techniques to resolve radar blips into solutions for his heavier allies. Abilities: sensor lock - select any target within sensor range. Gain line of sight to that target, and suppress Evasive and all movement defense modifiers it has. Last until the end of the current round.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: paradice - an agile pilot with a talent for avoiding incoming fire. he favors close quarter brawler mechs, nimbly sidestepping attacks while advancing on the enemy hurting fire as he goes. Mockingbird - an expert scout and support pilot. Mechingdird’s primary role is providing sensor talemetry on the enemy to her lancemates, but she can hold her own in a fight if she has to.


    Abandon Ship tricks:kraken - a crack shot, the Kraken is deadly at any range. Capable of splitting his fire between multiple opponents, he prepers to carry weapons of every range band. Arclight - an adaptable pilot, capable of driving her mech with the speed and grace of a lighter chassis. When reserving her action she can be a deadly ambusher, striking and fading away before enemies have a chance to react.
    Battletech hacked

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