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    Kingdom Come Deliverance cheat world: Charles iV, king of Bohemia and holy roman emperor, had a long and successful reign. The empire he ruled from Prague expanded, and his subjects lived in peace and prosperity. When the emperor died, the whole empire mourned. More than 7 000 people accompanied him on his last procession.The heir to the throne of the flourishing Empire was Charles’ son, Wenceslas iv, whose father had prepared him for this moment all his life. But Wenceslas did not take after his father.


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    He neglected affairs of state for more frivolous pursuits. He even failed to turn up for his own coronation as emperor, which did little to endear him to the Pope. Wenceslaus “the idle” did not impress the imperial nobility either. His difficulties mounted until the nobles, exasperated by the inaction of their ruler, turned for help to his half brother, King Sigismund of Hungary. Sigismund decided on a radical solution. He kidnapped the King to force him to abdicate, then took advantage of the ensuing disorder to gain greater power for himself. He invaded Bohemia with a massive army and began pillaging the territories of the King’s allies. it is here that my story begins.

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    By means of the first two choices in dialogue, you will select your character’s default characteristics. If you’re not satisfied with them, not worry: all characteristics can be further developed without limitations. You can interact with the world using X. You can talk to people, collect things, open boxes. Sometimes you need powers of persuasion to achieve your goals. When talking to people, you can often choose what kind of impression you want to make on them. You can simply use speech, which, however, is influenced by the reputation you have at the moment with the person you’re talking to.
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    In the middle ages, social status was paramount, so the quality of your attire and how well groomed your are, together with your reputation, can make a big difference to how people respond to you. If you look dangerous, people will be afraid to cross you and will also be more willing to assign risky tasks to you. That’s influenced mainly by your strength and the deterrent effect of your weapons and equipment, but other things are also taken into account, such as blood stains on your clothes. You can sometimes rely on money to do the talking for you. You just have to agree on a persuasive sum. Bribing people works in the same way as shopping. In special cases, you can try any of Henry’s other skills.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: it’s not only the manner of persuasion that’s important, but also the specific offer, because sometimes it’s not enough just to choose according to your highest characteristics. You have to really read what Henry is going to say. But different approaches work on different people. You won’t intimidate a tough brawler easily and no matter how well you dress, you won’t impress the nobility easily. That’s because Henry’s abilites aren’t simply assigned a universal value, but compared with the abilities of his counterpart. You can see the values of the various abilties in the game under the corresponding icons. You can always see your own abilities.


    Kingdom Come Deliverance tricks: Your counterparts’ abilities are visible to you if it’s someone you know well or if you’re skilled at reading people (learning the perk Empathetic). It’s not just about stats though: the outcome is influenced by other factors, e.g. your reputation, whether you’re dirty of bleeding etc. If you can’t outdo the nimble tongue of a merchant, for example, you may want to poison him a little first and then he will be easier to persuade. Or if you lead a guard away from his friends, he’ll be easier to scare.
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