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    Grimms Notes cheat world: a play that includes all about our world, meaning of life, and destiny. The existence of paper. Following the stories narrated by a storyteller in the book of fate. We portray and act out the roles written in the book of fate, from our birth until our death. What is the way people live in this world. So, i wish you would teach me. If a person receives the book of fate that contains only empty pages, must he live the life of acting out certain destiny?


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    If you have a blank tome, you must be connected to a hero’s soul. let’s go on a journey to the worlds of fairy tales and exciting stories. You must be confused about your new appearance. That’s the power of bookmark of guidance. it will allow you to borrow the power from heroes of the legends. Now, i’ll tell you how we can fight with our new power. Move while holding down on the screen and the hero will move. Just remember that some enemies you need to attack at close range, but some you need to keep a distance.

    Grimms Notes cheats android, ios hack codes


    Slightly touch the screen and the hero will attack. Combo attacks are very strong, but it’ll make you vulnerable as well. Try to be aware of the enemy’s movement. It might be difficult to move and attack at the same time, but you can pursue with a tap. Just touch the screen to move to a nearby enemy automatically. Defeat your enemies and build up your ultimate skill gauge. Touch the ultimate skill button when the gauge is full. ultimate skill needs to be timed just right because you can’t use it all the time.
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    You can attack by tapping with other finger even while move is selected. Weapon experience increases based on its usage in a battle. Tap repeatedly for consecutive attack. A skill effect in consecutive attack is increased by nearly 50%. Tap during battle to move a step up, down, left and right. Use movement control to evade enemy attack or track an enemy. Touch and drag your ally’s face icon to use your ally’s ultimate skill. Reina’s ultimate skill can weaken the enemy. Change the hero with the power of the book mark.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you will be able to take down stronger villains with help, so always be aware of what your companions are doing. Collaboration with an ally is the key to victory. You can deal more damage by attacking from the rear. Tap behind the back during consecutive attack to reverse and attack from behind. Tap to raise the character in control when fallen.


    Grimms Notes tricks: you can do many things on party screen.Add your main character in the empty slot: select character> select slot. YOu can summon a new hero’s soul by using hack gems. We call this summoning.YOu need 25 gems for a single summon. Of course, summoning a hero’s soul won’t do any good if you don’t use them. So, we’ll connect the soul to our bookmark of guidance. Change your hero that is more superior to the enemy. You can recover from debuff more quickly.
    Grimms Notes hacked

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    5. 8Tx75FYlqXRbM7y - summon
    6. KgRw2QoKzyLVUp1 - stamina energy
    7. vX70G4UTJvTG0qy - fragments
    8. WrHJ3UxqiHYneXU - evolve
    9. NrfUotmh8vdDQfW - upgrade
    10. 9cenxiiWQswTTS9 - level up
    11. 8LhhmOXb3CD4GuI - rank up
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