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    Dynasty Warriors 9 cheat world: during the end of the Later han, the land was in chaos due to the power struggles that had erupted within the imperial court, and the people were suffering as a result. In this period of turmoil, a man by the name of Zhang Jiao, who had been leading the way of peace, instigated what would become to be known as the ‘yellow turban rebellion”. In response, the imperial court established a punitive force and volunteer corps to make efforts to quell the rebellion.


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    As you approach enemies, your weapon will be readied automatically. Attack by pressing either O; jump by pressing X. When the Musou Gauge (yellow) in the lower left screen is full, press O to release a special technique known as a musou attack. In addition, you can fix your viewpoint on an enemy officer by pressing G. Trigger attacks are attacks in which you can send enemies flying into the air, stun them, or change their status. You can charge such attacks by holding down the button for a certain amount of time to increase their power, allowing you to utterly overwhelm enemies that normally wouldn’t even flinch. While holding R1, the types of trigger attack that can be used as well as the respective buttons for using them will be displayed.

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    Flow attacks are combo attack that change depending on an enemy’s state. Press O after performing one of these attacks to chain together combo attacks. In additions, by combining these with trigger attack, a variety of combo attacks can be performed. Reactive attack are strong attacks that allow you to perform effective techniques according to the situation. For example, you can counter an enemy that has attack you, break an enemy’s guard with a guard break, or perform various other attacks based on your situation.
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    The stamina gauge (green) depletes whenever you perform an evade, a dash, a wall jump, or when you sprint. If your stamina has been depleted, you won’t be able to perform such actions, but your stamina gauge will gradually be restored as time passes. When riding a horse, if you collide with an enemy while sprinting, you stamina will deplete, and if you lose all of your stamina, you will suddenly stop moving.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: in order to craft items and weapons, you will need the materials that are written on scrolls. First, acquire scrolls by completing missions and other tasks. Then, collect all of the materials that are written on the scrolls and head to the facility that is appropriate for the type of item you would like to craft. You can buy and sell weapon, gems, and accessories at blacksmiths. Equip weapons from officer info on the pause screen. if you have scrolls and materials, you can also have weapons created with craft.


    Dynasty Warriors 9 tricks: gems are required in order to upgrade weapons. By equipping gems to weapons, effects will be added to trigger attacks and reactive attacks. You can equip or remove gems from your weapons at a blacksmith, or from reforge under officer info on the pause screen. Complete missions to advance the story as well as earn rewards. SOmetimes completing a mission will affect other related missions, so when you feel that your current missions is too difficult, leave the battlefield and attempt to compete a different mission.
    Dynasty Warriors 9 hacked
    Dynasty Warriors 9 Tutorial: with fast travel, which can be found under map on the pause screen, you can instantly return to an area you have previously visited or an area related to a mission. In addition, from missions/ requests, by aligning the cursor with a mission and pressing O, you can approach the location of a mission. When you fast travel, time will elapse depending on the distance you travel.

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