Crown Masters SEA hacked
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    Crown Masters SEA cheat world: destroy towers and find the hidden king slime. Place a bomb charger unit to repel the attack. Drag an infantry troop unit! They can fight against the giant slime. You can destroy the tower using a thunderbolt card. You’ve got the king slime? Kill him, and victory is ours. You have to block the enemy’s defense quickly. Enemies are frozen solid! It’s a chance to place two cards consecutively.


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    You can check the current situation at a glance with minimap. You can earn additional gold in the sinkhole by destroying towers. But characters disappear if they fall into the sinkhole. We managed to get through the crisis this time, but there’s no telling when they will attack again. problem is all of the cards were sucked into the mysterious sinkhole.

    Crown Masters SEA cheats android, ios hack codes


    The explorer pass is created with ancient magical powers. You can earn explorer pass from battles. It will help you find lost cards sucked into the sinkhole. Completing an exploration requires a certain amount of time. Next, let me tell you how to organize your cards. First, select the card that you’ve got just now. Choose a card you want to replace with. Let’s learn about the training center this time. Don’t forget training plays a crucial role to win a battle.
    Crown Masters SEA gift box
    Training requires both gold and time. You’ll earn points when you destroy a tower. YOu can earn additional gold in the sinkhole by destroying towers. But characters disappear if they fall into the sinkhole. Try to find the enemy’s king slime. Under the score 4:4, both sides know where the king slime is hidden. Rush and destroy the king tower first, then victory is yours.

    Crown Masters SEA secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can receive lots of gifts just for logging in every day. Receive a variety of attendance rewards every single day. You can win by destroying lots of the enemy’s towers. You can win immediately by capturing the enemy’s king slime.


    characters: elite infantry in good physical shape have destructive power to lead battles. Succubus witch - dealing terrifying magical flames attacks numerous enemies at once. Ballon warrior - little devil in a hot air balloon drop bombs to destroy a tower first.
    Crown Masters SEA hacked

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    1. wEBLZCsRCkUzifi - energy
    2. im0h4bp7Xd54n2H - elite chest
    3. qm23IlB5I5XUcDX - friendship
    4. X00UBdsm8hUMHe5 - gold
    5. GRMMqLzEwMA0JYP - card pack
    6. DeXepgooQCnzwNd - energy
    7. yzBgKbeu048ti0h - gems
    8. PzaA0Q9r8CUHIsN - gift box
    9. YR9gGrS8Gn3kFZR - upgrade
    10. giRczPdYJNrapmV - speed up
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