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    Last Survival War Apocalypse cheat world: human beings have invented a virus that can cure cancer and had been widely applied around the world. Unexpectedly, the virus mutated in a human body, and the infected person became a zombie. As a result, the zombie virus broke out in large scale. Scientists have no effective solution for the disaster. In just a few years, all the cities have been occupied by zombies.


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    People are forced to flee the city in search of bases that provide food and security. Now, your journey for survival begins here...The bridge is damaged, you need to find some materials to repair it. We just came back and found the base like this. I need the first aid kit, can you fetch it for me? I know it’s not easy, but if you can help, i will tell you how to enter the base. It should be in the car. We usually carry medicine when we go out.

    Last Survival War Apocalypse cheats android, ios hack codes


    You must enter the correct password to open the medical kit. But the numbers on the note seem to be incomplete. Try completing quests or occupying lands to gain resources and experience. Although the base’s defense mechanism is old, but it’s still holding well. It should be able to prevent those monsters for a while. We need to upgrade the base before more zombies arrived.
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    Now we have the base, which serves as the basis of constructing buildings. Recruiting troops, and marching. Upgrade it at first. I have activated the deflector shield of the base. We have 24 hours to develop our force. I suggest you finish those high priority missions. Following mission guideline in order can help develop our force quickly. You can train soldiers in the camp. Nothing is more reliable than a powerful army during doomsday.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: joining an alliance will benefit your base development. Iron slab - can be used to produce materials of armors and weapons. Can - eat it to restore a large amount of health point. Access card - the key to the portal of base. You can train soldiers and upgrade the buildings at the same time. Time is the most important resource and you can’t waste any of it.


    Tricks: soon enough, we will have some heroes, but we don’t have enough food in the base to sustain us. Help research alliance science and gain honor to buy items in alliance shop. When an officer is fired, the medals awarded to him will be returned back. Most of the zombies have bullet holes on their bodies and lots of them are wearing military uniforms. A fierce battle must have taken place here. You will gain some talent points when your commander levels up.
    Last Survival War Apocalypse hacked

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    1. PqUax5oE7MQhreM - resources (food, wood, steel)
    2. lxy06sPwKvFUDlM - talent points
    3. 1gwjO6S2sYFrNg8 - medals
    4. CJaYNuSnxpwtNVt - level up
    5. f5vrNwIQOlBqOl4 - upgrade
    6. 37wFarx3HM2saPb - speed up
    7. VTuO91xOdzHYbfE - stamina energy
    8. HEFFsNsPsrXPTq6 - gold
    9. pxcELiMCA4CAPdo - gems
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