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    Guns Up cheat world: the transport truck is loaded up with units ready to obliterate the enemy. It looks like they’ve set up some feeble defenses - they won’t stand a chance. Advance on their base! Click on the unit buttons to deploy them. The truck is vulnerable, deploy some units. You’ll need a bigger army than that - get some boots on the ground. Check it out, one of the enemy units dropped a missile special.


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    You can use specials you pick up on the battlefield to cause mayhem for your enemy. Base - this is the heart of your war campaign. Build and upgrade structures to keep it safe from enemy attacks. Other players can attack your base while you are away, lets improve your defenses. Enemies will attack your base, even while you are away! Let's add some structures! Click on the empty ground to enter build mode.

    Guns Up cheats android, ios hack codes


    To move your building use your mouse to click and drag it around your base. You can rotate it by dragging the curved white arrows. Place your tower by clicking the green checkbox. Enemies attack from the right, be sure to place it facing the enemy. Now that you’ve improved your defense, let’s go upgrade your army in the barracks.
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    Army: Grenade launcher - blast a hole in the enemy defenses with a high explosive grenade launcher. Engineer - will continuously repair nearby friendly structures and transport trucks. Flamer - strapped with petroleum tanks. Flamers are either crazy of brave. Ranger - an elite unit, the ranger is tough enough to take on anything. Sniper - slow, steady, methodical - one shot is all they need. Machine gunn - when you absolutely must have the biggest gun possible. Rocketeer - a big guy packing some serious explosives. Riot - shoots grenades that briefly stun units and structures alike. A high threat target, his shield will break before he does.
      Guns Up Buildings:
    • tent - spawns units at regular intervals. Supports up to three simultaneous waves. It cover is available, will populate with one tent spawn at start of battle.

    • Sniper tower - pick off the enemy with these elevated sniper platforms.

    • tank trap - provides cover for up to two of your units.

    • wall - secure your base and keep enemies out- use a wall

    • anti-air - targets and shoots down airborne specials

    • Mortar - shell your enemies from a distance

    • Bunker - unleash a barrage of bullets from this fortified structure

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: rally flags can also be useful for speeding units through barbed wire. Highlight your HQ and select test base to check your defenses. Upgrade your HQ to expand your build area and increase your unit cap. You can go to war and attack other players to earn munitions, experience, and cards. Rewards - this is the info we have on enemy, including the rewards for victory! Get ready for battle - assign units, edit perks, and select some attack cards to aid you.


    Tricks: it’s usually a good idea to maintain a large and diverse fighting force. Recycle unwanted cards in your inventory for a chance at better rewards. Assign attack cards to your loadout before each battle to give you the upper hand. Munitionas hack are the currency of war. Use munitions to buy structures, unlock new units, and purchase card packs. Gather munitions for your base by going to war and attacking other players.
    Guns Up hacked

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