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    The Outlived cheat world: an abandoned farm, i can start a camp here. There’s a guy over there! I should go and take a look. No, he’s gone. Maybe there’s something in his notebook. He left useful stuff in the cabin. I can break it open with a hatchet. Now i should gear up and put on some clothes. Oh no, he turned! I have no choice but to put an end to him. The hatchet he left would be worn out. I need to find 2 pine logs and 2 rocks for making a new hatchet.


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    I need a chest for storage. But first i need 5 pine logs to build a floor for it. I need 10 more pine logs to build the chest for storage - keeps your regular items, you cannot store wood, stone, or metal materials in it. I saw deers around. I can hunt some for meat. I should build a cooking pit and a dew gatherer for safer food and water.

    The Outlived cheats android, ios hack codes


    Buildings: shabby floor - the makeshift floor for supporting buildings. Cooking pit - for making better food with food materials. Dew gatherer - slowly collects water vapor in the air and condense it in bottles. Lumbermill - a makeshift workshop for carpentry and wood material storage. Vegetable field - build to provide food for your base. When the building is almost done, we can finish it immediately by using a hack trick.
    The Outlived gift box
    Smelter, lumbermill, and stonework stones more material items than chests do. Cleaver - heavy and greasy. Works fine for hacking through dead meat. Execution attack available when target’s HP is low. Executes one target. Medical station - allows you to treat injured troops which are defending your base. Build beds to increase money output and soldier training speed.

    The Outlived secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: guns are loud and attracts more attention. Pick your weapon wisely on different occasions. Equipment would be worn out by using. Change or repair before that happens. Survive by pulling together, not apart. Nothing is useless. Improvise with anything for your survival. Treat your wounds and diseases before they drag you down.

    Tricks: workbench - allows you to craft equipment for your survivors. Storage - protects a portion of your resources from enemy attacks. laboratory - allows you to access new researches for your base. Bookshelf - gives your survivors and XP bonus. If your survivor dies and you choose to hire a new survivor, the bookshelf will save a certain amount of XP and put it towards your new survivor. A higher level bookshelf will provide a bigger XP bonus and retain more XP from a fallen survivor.
    The Outlived hacked

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    4. oMo6SwQh8GH3PPc - credits
    5. KrjbE7gsUwGuQsD - gift box
    6. TjQe0ILemHBixWL - gold
    7. c8eC2sJsAieFOmB - multiplayer
    8. vAHsfltxjA6lTsp - premium code
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