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    Aura Kingdom Mobile cheat world: an intense battle breaks out in front of you. Even as you wonder how you ended up here, someone suddenly shouts your name. Come, there are still demons! This war may be a new beginning.That’s what you told me. But first, we must defeat the demon legion and catch their commander! With a total of 7 different landscapes and 18 instance maps, Envoys will have no trouble finding a change of scenery. Refreshing ports, scorching hot beaches, magical forest, and so much more - you name it! A whole world await you in the land of Aura kingdom!


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    Costume ability bonus - here you will find the summary of your ability bonus from your costume. Gold - basic game currence, obtained through selling items and gameplay. Upgrade your skill for greater effect! Continue pressing for quick upgrade. Unlock effects by upgrading your skill to the next rank. Aura kingdom’s maximum level is currently 70. If you’re into training, grinding, leveling, and all that good stuff, race your way to achieving level 70 now! Fun features and terrifying bosses await you!

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    Characters: duelist - the dance of whirling blades causes instant destruction. Every spinning step takes away the color of life. Guardian - the raised shield is where all damage stops. The invulnerable fortress for command, power and counter attacks. Ravager - separating life and death with blows of fury. A great axe searching the limits of strength and delivering deaths with a single blow. harp - the music can bring salvation or carnage. Through the devotion of music, the holy light can heal the sick and judge the guilty.
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    Wizard - elemental powers that rip through the air, split the earth, burn the fields and freeze all life. Gunslinger - there is no escaping the hunt. Accurate shots, deadly traps, attacks that come from everywhere. grenadier - man the cannon and play the march of victory. Use magical shells and build all kinds of support towers. Sorcerer - the pages are both a curse and redemption. Mastery over the runes of weakening and destruction.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the force of Eidolon will be with you, always. Gain experience + buff from Eidolon’s blessing in Navea. You may only challenge sky tower when you’re in a guild. Current server ranking - you can find the collection progress and score ranking on this board. The ability will be unlocked once the collections reach a certain number. Is all that training and leveling wearing you out? Then it looks like it’s time for a little change of pace. How does fishing, cooking, and mining sound? Probably sounds less tiring than grinding all day, huh? But wait - here’s the cherry on top: you can even exchange for rare accessories!

    Aura Kingdom Mobile Tricks: whirling dance (dealt damage equal to 280% of ATK) - charges to enemy for attack, with an additional effect decreasing the enemy’s DEF by 10%. The sky tower consists of a total of 10 layers. Fight your way to the top to claim rare bounty - armors, weapons, all the wonders! Polish your equipment, and if not enough, challenge the sky tower again! Itching to show of your combat skills? Hold your horses! Grow and level up your guild along with other guildmates first, then enjoy the breathtaking sensations of a guild war - fight hand in hand with your guildmates, and conquer all other guilds! Show your domination and get a chance to obtain limited Eidolons.
    Aura Kingdom Mobile hacked

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