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    First hero cheat world: we have a troop. It’s time to face our enemies. Let’s head out to the domain. By investigating a domain, you can identify its name, resources, and the enemies occupying the area. Do you see the flag on the screen? On the other hand, our enemy can also conquer our domain by taking our flags. Before a battle, you can view details about the enemy troops. If you’re in an alliance, you ca have your allies station their troops here.


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    Our troops are placed at the bottom. Enemy troops will show up from the top. When the durability reaches 0, you will lose the battle. Mana - you need it to deploy units. Deploying units reduce your mana reserve. And your mana recovers over time. You cannot deploy a unit if you don’t have the required mana. You can see the number of available friendly units. To win a battle, you should either eliminate enemy troops or bring the enemy’s durability to 0.

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    You can deploy units by selecting them and dragging them to highlighted areas on the battlefield. Enemy units are approaching. Placing units in advantageous positions is the key. Winning a battle gives you rewards, including player experience, ranking points - a higher ranking means better rewards. This land is full of great heroes who changed the course of history. Any one of them could be the prophesied hero.
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    Before we add more units, let me tell you about assigning heroes. First, let’s go to the royal place. The royal palace is the heart of your domain. Enhacing the palace open up more options to upgrade your domains. A unit assigned with a hero is more powerful. The assigned hero can also use unique skills during battles. However, a unit assigned with a hero also requires a higher mana cost to deploy. We organized an offensive troop to attack enemy domains. however, we can also organize a defensive troop to defend against attacking enemies.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: we can build an archer training range to train archers, or a lumber mill to produce wood. Management - here, you can view and manage your heroes. You can enhance or synthesize heroes or runes and equip heroes with runes. Enhancing a hero using other heroes raises the hero’s enhancement experience, which increases the hero’s level. Enhancing a hero using the same hero raises the maximum level of the hero.

    First hero Tricks: you can change the camera angle by dragging the screen. Characters: helen - when deployed, raises the attack of the next 2 friendly units deployed by 25%. Nefertiti - every third attack reduces a random enemy hero’s movement speed and attack speed by 50% for 6 seconds. Archers are ranged attackers. they are vulnerable against infantrymen, but deal massive damage to enemy horsemen. Hack minute fast track - reduces production, research, enhancement time by 30 minutes.
    First hero hacked

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