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    Legacy of Atlantis cheat world: the village is under attack. An injured militiaman that came back, saying he and his comrades were attacked by a giant tree. The royal knight will come investigate the village. It seems the militia Captain said the elf monsters grew more violent. This may be your chance! It would be best if you showed them your skills.


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    You can defeat the enemy with one hit in tricky situations. if you tap auto once more, the skill will be used automatically too. However, when you fight bosses, the timing of your skill is crucial, so do that manually. Access various types of content with ease through the entire town map. Get a hero stone required for hero evolution through daily dungeon or hack cheats. Enchanting equipment also increases the value of its random option.

    Legacy of Atlantis cheats android, ios hack codes


    Characters: greatsword - capable of great sword movement and solid defense. Can stand at the center of the battlefield, without faltering. Spear - has great attack speed to annihilate the enemy. Uses the spear swiftly to end the battle. Ax - swings a giant axe with great attack power. Can defeat multiple enemies with a single attack. Longbow - uses swift movements to make fierce attacks, stopping enemies before they even get close. Staff- defeats enemies with magic that has great destructive power. Also uses heavenly power to deal thunderbolts.
    Legacy of Atlantis gift box
    Heroes and combat areas will contain unique attributes (water>fire>wind>earth>water). 30% decrease in damage - indication of damage change according to local attributes. Equipment awakening awakens potential awakening stats with equipment. The tagged partner will slowly recover HP. Heroes waiting for tag will see their HP recover gradually.

    Legacy of Atlantis secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can play the roulette of fortune using friendship points. You can obtain honors by joining the hero battle or hack cheats. You can obtain higher level materials by fusing materials. Attributes change every midnight in tainted temple. Get exclusive reward items by collecting achievement stars in adventure mode. Equipment that has reached the immortal maximum enchantment level can go through equipment fusion. If fusion is successful, you’ll get set equipment.

    Legacy of Atlantis Tricks: use flashbang when daily dungeon boss uses its skills so that you can put it under special abnormal status. YOu can obtain artcaclt (equipment enhancement material) and ancient book of knowledge ( knowledge transfer material) through expedition. The number of random options varies depending on grade of the equipment. Equip equipment in the order of the highest combat power, remember that.
    Legacy of Atlantis hacked

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    7. hJch7NPn4ZPSkOI - gift box
    8. AY5y0rKlKwWXUvM - premium pack
    9. d9xtEVPUVyNHOoJ - rank up
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