2047 Covenant hacked
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    . Free cheats code list 2047 Covenant - gold, long spar, diamonds, draw, gems, legendary treasure, AP (action points), vip 15, wings, mithril, powerful rune, gift bag.

    2047 Covenant cheat world: you are the valiant! I’m from Sanquera and i’m gonna stay here for a while. COme to me if there’s anything i can help you! All the brave men who do the trials can get the pack for the newcomers. Good equipment can greatly increase your efficiency. You look good, and there are many monsters outside the town, be careful.


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    Gameplay: press the left area manipulate the joystick to move. Press the attack button destroy the front enemy. Release the skill, and you can increase damage. Only regular attack can break enemy’s armor. Slide up or slide down the right side of the screen can zoom in. 1-3 people can team up and if the team is less than three people, the system will automatically match other players.

    2047 Covenant cheats android, ios hack codes


    Characters: warrior - unyielding courage and strong destructive power. Archer - with fast arrows and extraordinary agility. Mage - favored by the nature proficient in magic. Recruit escort of treasure! The warrior can get a large number of resources and AP as a reward. You can borrow other players for materials synthesis in treasure, please pay attention to “borrow”. If you lack of AP, you can get physical medicine by complete the main quest. Every once in a while, alchemist tor will refresh the items, and there may be some great props.
    2047 Covenant gift box
    Functions unlock level: pet illusion, soul altar, credit war, battle ring, awakeness, retinue realization. Rare treasure - produce green, blue, purple and orange item and minion. Legendary treasures - diamond first draw 100% presented 5 stars legendary helmet. Alchemy shop and the major stores will sell a lot of refined stone. Skill can still be upgraded, which can gain much more power after upgraded. The extra epic equipment and legendary equipment can be smelt into mithril and you can buy a lot things in the alchemy.

    2047 Covenant secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: gems can be upgraded by swallowing other gems or crystal. After upgrade, the gem will be more shiny! You can adjust the picture quality in the settings! In the low quality picture will hide some players and NPC, and the game will run smoother. Do not focus on cleaning up the initial level, the reward of backward level will be more rich. You can adjust the picture quality in the settings. In the low quality picture will hide some players and NPC, and the game will run smoother.

    2047 Covenant Tricks: the equipment of the whole body refine to 5, there will be a golden shield. If you continuously login on the server, you can get good gifts. Click on the quest tracking frame can get the task bonus quickly. Click on the task track, and you can continue to the task interrupted. If you always be defeated, you can try to the inlay gems, strengthen props or upgrade minions. Vip6, vip 14, vip 15 warriors can buy gift bag of unique wings in the mall welfare area. You can enjoy the fun story animation by battle after taking the main quest.
    2047 Covenant hacked

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    1. aiVPStRQFUXiMpJ - gold
    2. k18o4Avi525izI0 - long spar
    3. sDMdbsk560W4dzR - diamonds draw
    4. zE7ZxpUklmsgCDZ - gems
    5. yrMH726rBioiBrM - legendary treasure
    6. OHxtpVs078jDdvP - AP
    7. gVAZ3NzU6Hco57j - vip 15
    8. 0RCX6Kv8RmBvfPP - wings
    9. DM6FuvyNDMl0FFR - mithril
    10. 19Q3BTdA4EuGewF - powerful rune
    11. wkZBeSaggmiQSI0 - gift bag
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