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    Closers cheat world: This is a class 3 dimensional disaster warning. Citizens, please proceed to the nearest designated shelter. let’s learn about the basics of battle before you enter a real battlefield. Let’s get straight to the fighting. I want you to help eliminate all the aliens in this sector. These are class c aliens, and they're not dangerous to people with phase force. Just remember two things: attack and jump. press Z to attack and X to jump.


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    You can unlock your special abilities by using your skills. level up to earn skill points and learn skills. Skills are more powerful than ordinary attacks, and can be used instantly by canceling an ordinary attack. As your skill level improves, you can unlock special abilities like air cast and cancel. When you are being attacked by an enemy, use cancel to evade the enemy’s attack. You can’t use cancel over and over, so save it for when it is absolutely necessary.

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    Some skills have a second attack when pressed again quickly. Follow up attacks amy half the first attack’s animation, but not the damage. You can receive missions from NPCs in the hubs. You can receive or complete a mission by clicking the ! or ? sings. Each mission type has a different colored accept/complete mark so that you can find certain types of missions more easily. Union watch is a daily mission that opens up automatically after reaching level 20. After reaching level 20, a union watch button appears at the bottom of the screen. Union watch randomly generates various missions are rewards suited to your current character level. Complete all missions to obtain the final reward.
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      Closers Skills:
    • chain explosion - releases a small amount of phase force in front of you, triggering a chain of explosions. Effect stacks when a skill refreshes, and immediately when using the following skills.
    • Dash - dash forward, striking enemies in your path. Use with the Up key while on the ground upward slash. Use with the down key while in midair to downward slash. This skill’s effect is charged, and stacks when a skill refreshes. Certain skills immediately stack the effect.
    • Shot - immobilizes a target with a powerful slash, and then launches it in the air in an explosive attack.
    • Empowered state - releases all your accumulated phase force at once, temporarily improving your stats for 40 seconds (+2 seconds per skill level). Phase force accumulates when you attack or attacked. While you are empowered, all your outgoing damage increases by 20%.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: there are operation controllers in each hub. interact with the operation controller to enter the sector. Enter the sector through select sector> select difficulty> start operation. Mission marks appear if that area has available missions. When you clear sectors with a high rating, the sector completion rate goes up. The completion rate of each area/difficulty affects the sector completion rate. When satisfying the completion rate for each reward, press receive reward to get the reward. The greater the completion rate for each sector, the more rewards you get for each sector. You can enter dimensional doppelgangers starting level 27, and is open day at even numbered hours. It doesn’t accrue any fatigue, but you can only enter 3 times per day. You can obtain red tokens by defeating boss monsters, and these can be used as crafting materials along with blue tokens that can be found in special sectors.

    Closers Tricks: class b can summon and control class c aliens, they are extremely powerful. Costume items have different grades for the same design, and their grade affects their performance. Special ops are divided into level by difficulty. They accrue fatigue when you enter, but there are no limits to how many times you can enter per day. You can enter hall of dragons by yourself, and the other sectors are all for solo or squad play. Once you clear special ops and meet the reward conditions,you can acquire the reward from the town. Daily clear rewards and quantities reset at 4 a.m. server time. You can get more daily clear rewards as elite.
    Closers hacked
    Closers Tutorial: you can use costume items to customize your character and enjoy different looks. Costumes can also improve your fighting abilities. Costumes are classified into 17 different parts. Unequip what is in the visual slot, and you can use costumes more freely. 1/2/3 star costumes can have random options. Higher grade costumes have more and better options. You can move your costumes to the costume wardrobe. Register costumes to the wardrobe and use them whenever you want. Press the I key to open the inventory and press the costume manager icon at the bottom of the UI. The costume manager has two functions: the costume locker and the outfits. The costume locker can hold up to 1000 costumes. The outfits are used when you want to save an outfit as a set to equip directly to a character. You can save up to 10 outfits.
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    Skin: press P to open the character info screen, and click the change character skin button at the bottom to open skin customization GUI. You can additionally select a pack (voice, motion, effect) separate from the illustration.

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