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    Slay the spire cheat world: defeat enemies by playing cards from your hand. Cards requires energy to play. Once you are out, end your turn. At the start of your turn, new cards are drawn and your energy is replenished. Play defensive cards to gain block when enemies are about to attack you. block reduces incoming attack damage but wears off at the start of your next turn.


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    During your turn, you can observe an enemy’s intent above them. if an enemy is intent on attacking you, be sure to gain some block. End turn - pressing this button will end your turn. You will discard your hand, enemies will take their turn, you will draw 5 cards, then it will be your turn again. Vulnerable creatures take more damage from attacks. If there are no cards to draw, your discard pile is shuffled into the draw pile.

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    Characters: the ironclad - the remaining soldier of the Ironclads sold his soul to harness demonic energies. The silent - a deadly huntress from the foglands. Eradicates foes with daggers and poisons. Cards: fiend fire - exhaust your hand, deal 7 damage for each exhausted card. Feed - deal 10 damage, if this kills the enemy, gain 3 permanent maximum HP. Double tap - this turn, your next attack is played twice. Warcry - draw 2 cards, place a card from your hand on top of your draw pile. Deep breath - shuffle your discard pile into your draw pile. Sadistic nature - whenever you apply a debuff to an enemy, they take 3 damage.
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    Dream catcher - whenever you rest, you may add a card to your deck. Discerning monocle - merchant princes are reduced by 20%. Unceasing top - whenever you have no cards in hand, draw a card. Card removal service - remove a card from your deck. The cost of this service increases by 25 for the rest of this run. Cards exhausted during combat are not removed from your deck.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: relics found throughout the spire grant unique bonuses and remain throughout your run. They can be found by defeating powerful foes or within chests. Drink or throw potions during combat! Potions stay with you between rooms. Use the scroll wheel or click and drag the screen to scroll. YOu can discard potions to make room for others. Colorless cards always cost 0. During combat, you can view the contents of your draw and discard piles.

    Tricks: ethereal - if this card is in your hand at the end of turn, it is exhausted. Exhausted cards are removed from your deck until the end of combat. The card removal service increases in price whenever you use it. Engage with other players to discover new and effective strategies. You will never see the same relic twice in one run. Use the scroll wheel or click and drag to scroll maps, card screens, and others.
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