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    Battleship Lonewolf cheat world: after a period of peace, exploration fleet is once again at war with the alien kingdom of the Flenarrets. Queen Rucca, leader of the flenarrets, has attacked without provocation. So in response in Queen Rucca’s aggression, the Fleet has deployed the space battleship Loneworlf. When Power stones were first discovered, people on Earth found that those exposed to large amounts of power stone energy began to genetically mutate and develop heightened abilities. Those who were affected most by the power stones, would come to be known as MPA.


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    MPA’s powers made them excellent soldiers, and they were often recruited by the military. The space battleship Lonewolf, led by an MPA named Captain Erica Kraftstein, is fight to defend the fleet against the Flenarret kingdom. Captain, we've detected the enemy approaching. We must prepare for battle. Tap the bottom button to install a turret on your battleship. Earn resources by steering your battleship toward them.

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    Steer your battleship by tapping the screen in the direction you with to go. Resources consumed can be used to install turrets or to enhance. Physical enhance increases attack power and attack speed for physical damage type turrets. Enhance can be a valuable tool during combat. Make good use of it. Captain, bottom are special skills to be used in the event of an emergency. Plasma flare - deal static damage to enemies. using plasma flare effective when many enemies or torpedoes are approaching.
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    You can obtain resources from the enemies you’ve destroyed. If you clear tutorial mission, the battleship enhance menu will be unlocked. Time bombs - we have to keep our distance before they explode. We can use the vulcan to shoot down their explosive projectiles. Upgrades your battleship by increasing the number of turrets that can be installed.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: vulcan - the most basic. Deals physical damage. Effective against torpedo like enemy projectiles. Torpedo - this turret fires homing torpedoes that track targets and explode, dealing physical damage. Beam CN - this fires an intense fight ray that deals optical damage and is effective against slower targets.

    Tricks: Radar plays the role as a device to show from which direction enemies are approaching to the battleship. With Radar's help, users get to notice a route from which enemies are closing in on the battleship and then move against from a route that enemies approach. While enemies are coming near to attack the battleship, users could gain time as well as secure the time to subdue enemies.
    Battleship Lonewolf hacked

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