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    Panzer Strategy cheat world: head the Blitzkreg from the first military operations of Wehrmacht is Sapin to the conquest the whole of Europe! The time has come to end up with Poland and then to be quits with France and Britain for the shameful Versailes Peace Treaty. The battles in the open spaces from Norway to North Africa and from the british Isles to the Soviet union are awaiting you. using the power of aviation and fleet, take control of the Atlantic and Mediterranean. british must give up the role of the mistress of Seas.


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    Having seized Europe, you will get the key to the sacred campaign to the East. You will smash the hordes of the hated Bolsheviks in the fire of unprecedented battles! Having seized the territory form the Atlantic to the Ural and from Norway to North Africa, the Reich will ultimately set up authority over the continent. The world expects a new order headed by Great Germany!

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    Special headquarters ‘W” to the commander of the legion “condor”. Spanish nationalists captured the city of Talavera and are ready to launch a general offensive against madrid. Your tasks is to ensure the success of the offensive in cooperation with the troops of General Franco. To fo this you need to establish control over the following key points: las ventas - capture the republican depot to ensure further offensive. Toledo - the faithful Franco garrison keeps the defense in the city. Help the besieged before the republicans destroy them. brunet - after conquering this transport hub you will be able to get an important airfield near Madrid. Getdate is an important republican airbase. COntrol over it will provide your troops with an air cover during the assault to the capital. YOu need to take the airport in Madrid.
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    Panzer Strategy Tutorial: Each of your units can move and attack once per turn in any order. To attack an enemy unit, move the cursor over it. You will see an estimate of the expected losses. The attack will begin when you click the left mouse button. The infantry is an universal type of troops capable to accompany tanks in the offensive, keep the defenses in the city, fight in the forest and mountains. Without infantry it is difficult to build on the progress made by the rest of the army. Infantry is the only type of troops that can launch an attack from the river and be transported by aircrafts. The Panzervraffe is the core of the Wehrmacht Panzer strategy. Tanks are ideal for offensive in flat terrain. The advantages of our tank forces are initiative and speed. use them to quickly capture positions, pursue and destroy the enemy. But attack the cities and infantry in trenches very carefully.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Unit menu - here you can find complete information about your unit: the number, parameters, skills and special capabilities, ammunition and fuel balance, availability of additional weapons and vehicles. Scouts find the way for the rest of the army. They are able to detect the enemy from afar, to fo through enemy battle formations and to bypass ambushes. If necessary armored reconnaissance vehicles can support the offensive of tanks. The tactics of the Luftwaffe fighter aircraft is aggressive air hunting. You can use the fighters to cover your troops, but it is better just to clear the sky from the enemy! Superiority in the air will provide your bombers and ground forces with complete freedom of action.

    Panzer Strategy Tricks: if the level of your military intelligence is high enough, you can get exhaustive information about enemy unit by right clicking the mouse button. Artillery is the main firepower of your troops. It can clear the path for maneuvering forces or weaken the enemy attack with covering fire. Use artillery preparation before storming enemy fortification. But remember that artillery itself is vulnerable to attack and needs a protection. Anti tank guns shoot enemy armored vehicles with direct fire. They provide fire support to their troops when attacking the enemy. Anti tank artillery is masked on the terrain to arrange ambushes against enemy armored vehicles.
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