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    Freeman Guerrilla Warfare cheat world: you are about to start your career as an army commander. You are free to go anywhere by clicking on any location you wish. Your only objective is to conquer the world. hold 10 towns, eliminate Pozna battalion, free cossacks army and Atov revolution forces . It would also be wise once you have control of these towns to improve the local infrastructure. This way we can rally the support of local population through security and additional taxes.


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    Standing in our way are 3 major factions. The Atov revolution forces, the free cossacks army and the Pozna Battalion. We need them all eliminated! but it will not be easy. You need a strong army to do so. The best way to begin your parth to conquering the world, is to make some money by eliminating bandits that plague this land. Gradually you will be able to recruit more soldiers to your army and equip them with all the gear you need to take out the stronger faction’s armies. We’re counting on you to unite us all under one banner. Good luck commander.

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    As a true officer you must follow your troops guiding and coordinating their actions. Communications with the headquarters gives your units proper combat effectiveness. The commanders of the Wehrmacht do not have the right to sit in the rear and abandoning the soldiers to their fate. But reckless risk is also unacceptable. in your headquarters is destroyed the entire operation will be failed.
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    If the tanks empty - the unit can not move! If there is a depot within 16 hexes use the recharge button. Or let the other troops capture the nearest enemy depot. The unit is out of ammo? Move it to the area of operation of your depot, it will deliver ammunition during the supply phase.Our depot is captured by the enemy - the supply of troops is at risk. Urgently launch a counterattack and return it.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: add point to your total attributes when more than one point of marksmanship is added. Each point gives you extra skill point and increases experience gaining. Command points is the resource used by army headquarters to implementation tactical and strategic tasks. While the enmy is attacking our positions, anti tank units shoot him with the direct fire, excellent tactics!

    Tricks:our howitzers cover the troops. In case of enemy attack in their shooting distance they will start a covering fire automatically. Beware of covering artillery fire! your troops may suffer losses before the attack. Operation in Spain are on personal control of the commander, you must not miss the diamond victory.
    Freeman Guerrilla Warfare hacked

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