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    Dragon Cliff cheat world: my lord, our empire is infested with monsters, and the emperor is deeply concerned. All neighboring towns have devoted every resources possible, recruiting adventurers and hunting invaders, hoping to attract his majesty’s attention. As a poor town with scarce supplies, this monster hunting movement may be our only chance for survival, if we can really meet his majesty’s requests.


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    The wooden forest outside of town has long been occupied by orcs. In the past few months, these orcs are causing quite some troubles for our residents. They steal foods, kill little animals, harm children, stare at pretty ladies (insert other generic bad deeds here)... you know, all those bad things bad creatures just can’t stop doing. i would suggest our adventurers to explore that area. In order to survive in this chaotic empire, we need to be able to conduct explorations. Explorations will bring valuable resources for our town.

    Dragon Cliff cheats android, ios hack codes


    Strength - determines output capacity for melee classes. Vitality - max health points. Speed - battle turn progress speed. Critical hit rage - the chance of dealing critical damages or heals. Crash - unleashes 3 hit to random enemy units and each hit deals 90% physical and 70% caster’s elemental damage. Effect resistances - reduce lasting times of all negative effects. For turn based effects, if no sufficient turn number can be allowed effects may be resisted.
    Dragon Cliffe gift box
    What an encouraging surprise! Our weapon shop and armor shop haven’t been opened for business for ages. With hack materials, we finally can craft powerful gears for our adventurers. Additionally, we have also acquired practice points during our exploration. Adventurers can be leveled up by spending practice points. Every 3 levels, adventurer will be granted with an opportunity to select upgrade card. There are many different types of upgrade cards, including tactic cards which unlocks adventurer’s tactic.

    Dragon Cliff secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: during battle fight, range points can be slowly accumulated, and it can then be used to release powerful tactics. If we want to expand our town, attract more residents, it is crucial to have a strong finance. Resources collected during explorations can be used to produce gears, which can be used to equip our adventure team or sale for profit. With solid trade routes and a strong adventure team, it is time to expand our resident base! Residents can make dramatic contributions for town development, they may increase trade prices, enhance item productions, level up building facilities and attract better adventure loots.

    Dragon Cliff Tricks:there are so many interesting and powerful adventurers in the world. If we keep an eye on our little inn, we may be able to find some epic adventurers to support our exploration and monster hunt! If you find yourself short of golds, we can always go to adventurer penal to sale unused gears. With shop, our small town will be able purchase rare goods from other parts of the empire. These goods ranging from adventure supplies to powerful gears. Some rare residents may contribute mystic resources! Every successful adventure will attract some resident applications, and my lord may grant occupancy for one of them.
    Dragon Cliff hacked
    Dragon Cliff Tutorial (wiki): unfortunately, trade routes could experience quite some delays due to monster invasions, and shop catalogue could be updated rather slowly. However, my lord, our shop workers can follow adventurers to speed up trades upon successful explorations. In other words, more successful adventurers mean more frequent shop catalogue updates! And the more challenging adventures are, the better products we may stock up.

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    1. YhLQfP8G4qaO9kf - wood
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    3. GIXOfhOYL7T2kQT - hide
    4. cdgqzsiwOS7u98E - practice points
    5. h6RS7WjVGA1R7DT - resources
    6. 5csUgkZjo72N0O0 - level up
    7. i8YsjHdzLEtqCEz - gem
    8. ckZsN4mBaHxrv0V - stone
    9. IFhPKOSIl5qpU2H - soul
    10. jmnMdTSAgeGDIrT - resources
    11. 3iQIhy96Zz0xqfl - credits
    12. bn4CyqO6HwVJ068 - gift box
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