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    My Lovely Daughter cheat world: once, troubled people would queue in front of this house, hoping to obtain solutions to their problems. But that has not been true for some time now. Faust wakes up inside that house. his body is trembling, his mind adrift in pain. He tries to recall himself and his whereabouts, but it is all too fuzzy. In the midst of his confusion, he locates writings he identifies as his own. however, they contain only madness.


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    In the hope of finding some answers, he decides to explore more of this remarkable house. His headache worsens as the strong smell of alchemy ingredients saturates the room. The apparatuses around him look so familiar, but his head hurts even more when he tries to think about them. His steps halt in front of a door leading to a very dark room. As his curiosity is aroused, he finds his pain gradually fades away. Carefully, he pushes open the door and enters.

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    It feels like i have been here for a long time. This scent the wooden feel of this room. Why can i not remember anything? Wait, is that a person? Oh dear celestials, her face is so pale! she must be dead. But, her skin and muscles are still intact. And her face, is she my daughter? But she looks older, is it really her? Arhea...I cannot remember anything! Is she is really my daughter, i cannot just leave her here and do nothing. I must find answers! i must know what is going on! I cannot stand to see you like this. Soon i will have you back alive and well.
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    There must be something around here that can explain all of this. I cannot believe it! This is a soul orb. Only a highly experienced alchemist could make this, but it is supposed to be a forbidden act. Wait, could that be my daughter’s soul? Did someone entrap her soul in this orb? That means i still have a chance to bring her back. This soul orb looks faint - my time is limited. I need to do something to intensify the soul. I have to feed the soul. Maybe i can use the ingredients i found earlier to transmute a living homunculus, and feed this soul with it.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: transmuting a homunculus - how is it done? I have never done it before. Well, i am sure that i am going to need a transmutation circle! But, what is the pattern? Oh no, why must everything escape my mind? I need to search for a clue. These papers, these books lying about might contain something i am looking for. This book - it call to me. I can feel something magical inside it. This book has the answer. A highly experienced alchemist must have lived here before.

    My Lovely Daughter Tricks: oh no, the next pages are too faded to make out. But the first page is clear. it must have been magically restored. I will make use of this book by writing my experiment notes in it...It is time for my first attempt. I hope it will work. I am going to put these wood ingredients in the circle, and summon a homunculus by clicking this circle after 3 ingredients are placed. Now i need a place where i can keep this homunculus. There are many rooms in this house, this room is empty, and big enough for me to conduct the ritual to feed my daughter’s soul. I just need to sacrifice this one.
    My Lovely Daughter hacked
    Tutorial (wiki): i must kill homunculus and feed her essence to my daughter’s soul. No muss, no fuss. Since her body is a tree, he chops her down into several logs to make use of the wood. Oh, damn! it was useless! i only got these residual ingredients. Something was missing, i must find out what went wrong.

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