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    . Free cheats code list Dimension Summoner - gold, gem, sand stone, summon, SSR hero, unlimited stamina, vip, astrals, flowers, sweetness.

    Dimension Summoner cheat world: welcome, master! I’m cheat-on, i’ll be your guide during your adventures! Let’s get familiar with the world of hacking. Summon to get experience and heroes! There are three main ranks of heroes: R, SR, and SSR. Use summon gems for a chance to summon SSR heroes, by far the most powerful. SSR1 Chen Li - guaranteed from daily gems during Carnival. Swift like a bird, strong as an avalanche.


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    Upgrading heroes will improve their quality and unlock better skills. Deploy new heroes to your squad. Timed quests which grant incredible rewards - Carnival. Challenges, attempts, etc. for all features in the game reset every morning. Tap the dungeon treasure chest to collect rewards. Upgrading will greatly increase stats and allow you to activate new skills. You always have a chance to summon an SSR hero when using gems.

    Dimension Summoner cheats android, ios hack codes


    Clear a dungeon in adventure in order to blitz it later. keep collecting stars to unlock the treasure chest. Look for the red dot on a hero’s avatar which means that you can enhance them. Assign the heroes strategically according to their masteries and skills. You’ll receive 1 mastery point every 15 stages. learn the Frenzy mastery to have the hero attack the enemies automatically. use the skill to defeat the enemies.
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    Seraph’s Strike - deal physical damage to an enemy. If enemy is killed, restore own HP and increase own ATK. You’ve unlocked the gear info with your new gear. Tap the gear info button - here, you can see and manage your gear collection. Collect multiple gears to use the gear enhancer to level up another gear. You can assign one of the deployed heroes as a leader. A leader hero has special buffs which can be used strategically to clear difficult stages.

    Dimension Summoner secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: tap speed up to make battles move faster. You must tap on your heroes’ avatars to unleash skills in manual mode. Dungeon is where you can find a lot of gold. You can enter the dungeon with the stamina, which can be found by collecting the scroll particles that enemies drop on normal stages. Only the clicker hero can enter the dungeon. The enemies will try to run away in four different directions. You won’t fail the stage by letting the enemies escape. The enemies will keep spawning for a limited time, and the stage will end when the time runs out.

    My Lovely Daughter Tricks: each turn takes place in two stages - an attacking stage and a defensive stage. Quickly regen rage to decimate your enemies. An SSR hero is guaranteed the first time you use summon: gems X10. Send flowers, ascend the weekly rankings! Sweet smells lead to sweet rewards! Increase your sweetness to a certain level to collect special rewards. Log in 7 days to receive DUke, Gryphon, or Takeda.
    Dimension Summoner hacked

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    1. VTbZlp8qzbh35aY - gold
    2. 1Q1ans9HA3zYvjQ - gems
    3. JpMRXv6s62a3PTQ - sand stone
    4. pQexizDfcv5gMze - summon
    5. 2dmZTyWaAwEvnEv - SSR hero
    6. cH88IziDlBPOYdo - unlimited stamina
    7. naaW71OR6gCOtf0 - vip
    8. RVzxT1k4MuzI0Ex - astrals
    9. qS3HEXo67FwkvmB - flowers
    10. 1pxHxsyGe5hr95N - sweetness
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