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    Robothorium cheat world: hello, i’m cheat-on, the rebel factions emissary, and i’m there to help you. You must hurry and get out of here! iding robots should be lying around in this room. Take the control of them. You’re currently in a break tech lab. Take your time to look around you. Analysing your environment should be easy for an artificial intelligence as smart as you, isn’t it? The sudden terrorizing battle that turned sector )8 Earth trafalgar Square from a citizen’s favorite resting place to a fear mongering battleground.


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    At the time of battle, a large number of civilians were present within the area and many of them were not able to evacuate. For their safety, my mechanic fireteam had to secire south of sector 09 Earth, and was able to provide an escape route, successfully evacuating 425 civilians. To move, go to a reachable room represented by arrows on the ground. Use the minimap to find your way in the level. Achieve the goal to end the mission. You can interact with elements through actions. Choose carefully: it might change the course of the story and success chance. If they’re leaving weapons there, we should take advantage of it and equip them. You can change your robots equipment to increase their efficiency.

    Robothorium cheats android, ios hack codes


    Each time your robots levels up, you can allocate talent points to specialize them. All your items are gathered in the inventory: equipment, consumables and components. Robots’ attributes are modified by equipment and when leveling up. Robots can be affected by effects, granting them bonuses or penalties. SOme actions allow you to unveil unexplored rooms and to get special bonuses. Zoom the minimap in to display the bonuses’ caption. By hacking their surveillance system, you’ve managed to unveil some rooms! If they contain something important, you will get specific bonuses!
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    Always think about all the consequences that your choices can bring about. You will only be judged for your actions. Select a fighter in the list to see his details. When a fighter reaches 100% overload, he is stunned and stays unprotected for 1 turn. If you wish to know about the mechs , try checking the mech armory. As you gain more pilot levels, you can acquire better rewards to help you accomplish missions. Levels can be gained through battles, exploration, and missions.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: tap the hangar button - can find the mechs you currently own the hangar. Guardian mechs are the ones that can take on the most damage, some even call the ‘walking tanks’. Don’t forget to add the new mech to your existing formation. Various team effects may be received opending on the mechs on your fireteam. You can purchase selected items through friendship points which can be sent among friends.

    Tricks: chances acquiring better items increase depending on the difficulty selected. Mechs and equipments from higher tiers are more powerful. Explore randomly generated levels to find your path to the mission goal, but beware of traps and enemies guarding the place. Take part in tactical, turn based fights to succeed and use your skills wisely. Go through different mission story lines depending on the choices you make.
    Robothorium hacked

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