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    Empires Apart cheat world: Technology - improves the development of your civilization’s military. Grants access to many new buildings, units and technologies. Economic development - grant access to many new buildings, units and technologies. Allows the creation of one additional town center. +2 line of sight to all buildings.


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    Chinampa (farm) - renewable source of food. Requires one villager. Provides a limited amount of food before being exhausted. Barracks - produces warriors and spearman. Outpost - provides vision over a large portion of territory. Storage - used to deposit resources. Wooden wall - cheap palisade. Useful to slow down an incoming enemy attack. Port - produces ships. Can be used to deposit resources. Can be used to trade with friendly and neutral ports.

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    Civilization: Byzantines - defensive civilization. Well rounded, strong infantry that disrupts enemy units, great cavalry, good economy. French - formidable cavalry that can charge, great economy, technology and siege weapons. Aztecs - aggressive, units evolve through combat instead of technology. Warriors can capture enemy prisoners. Chinese - advanced, high focus on technology and crossbowmen. Warrior monks can heal nearby units. Engineers can lay down minefields. Mongols - aggressive nomadic civilization. units become more powerful by killing enemies. Buildings can be dismantled and moved.
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    Hero: Acamapichtili - powerful governor, instantly completes buildings in construction. Provides villagers with gathering bonuses. Ahuitzotl - formidable warrior, empowers nearby Aztec warrior, throws deadly spears. Warrior - basic infantry unit that evolves through combat. Can capture enemy prisoners. Anti movited - effective against mounted units. Archers - basic ranged unit that evolves through combat. Effective against spearman.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: market - produced merchants. Can be used to trade with friendly and neutral markets. used to buy and sell resources. Temple - produces priests. Can garrison relics inside. Archer range - produces archers and skirmishers. Warfare research - provides improvements for military units and buildings. Economic research - provides economic improvements to villagers.

    Tricks: enter hero management to enhance your heroes. Here you can see all your heroes’ info. You can also power up your heroes here. You can sacrifice another hero to enhance the hero you want to improve. Remember that the sacrificed hero is permanently lost. Basic enhancements aren’t the only way to improve your heroes. There’s also something called skill enhancement. When you sacrifice the same hero as the one you want to enhance, you can level up both the hero and skill at the same time.
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