Legend Heroes The Academy hacked
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    Legend Heroes The Academy cheat world: my dear new students! Welcome to the heroes academy! I’m the chief assistant assigned to take care of you. My name is chat-on. If you want to become a hero, please sign the heroes academy entrance pledge (must complete the received mission, do your best to enhance your and your friends’ abilities. Must win with your enemies. Become the strongest and increase the academy’s honor). Why don’t we finish this entrance ceremony and go tour the academy?


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    Enemies have hit the main buildings. There’s no time to delay, come and join us. It’s been a while since we have actually had to fight. We should handle this carefully. Able to use ultimate skills when the purple gauge. Able to use leader skills when at 100%. Normal skills are displayed above the character icon when the cooldown is over. Ultimate skill use cool time. Powerful leader skills are available when the leader gauge is 100%.

    Legend Heroes The Academy cheats android, ios hack codes


    You can use hero, gear, circle, hero summon, shop, other school life. Able to check information by selecting the hero! View all expand the list when tapping. To level up, select hack code on the left. Hero level up requires the following materials and gold. Warrior - high HP and strong defense! Active Hero on the frontline! Magician - strong magic attack and recovery magic, overall party support! Shooter - strong attack from a distance, rear support.
    Legend Heroes The Academy gift box
    Fire comes with burn effects. Forest comes with slowed movement speed effects. Water comes with chilling effects. Ally HP recovery and status ailment treatment effects. Darkness comes with fear effects. When you select item, you can see info about item.
    Legend Heroes The Academy legendary hero
    Legendary hero: Ariel - supporter who encourages allies and despises enemies. Diau Charn - woman of ultimate beauty of singing miracles. Omikami - healing light blowing in the flowering cherry blossoms. Rala - magician of burns anything that blocks. Wukong - crazy monster.

    Legend Heroes The Academy secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: 5 arena challenges are available by default. I’ll teach you something better than hero enhancement. Tap the menu button to enter hero management. Heroes that have reached the maximum level can grow one grade higher through evolution. You’ve been given a hero at maximum level to test it out right now. Evolving requires the sacrifice of a hero of the same grade. The higher the grade of the hero you want to evolve, the more sacrifices you’ll need.

    Tricks: after evolving, the hero’s level resets to 1. Once a hero has evolved, the hero can power up again with basic enhancement or skill enhancement. Manage account - you can raise your basic stats here, or check on your current status. You can upgrade commander traits. The traits become more advanced as you move to the right. It’d be best to take it step by step. You are given skills points to upgrade traits by type. Conquerors can enjoy other benefits by activating an additional secondary stat.
    Legend Heroes The Academy hacked

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    5. IFXOzyKaB5fN8zS - ruby
    6. qgCZUdAJjiluaZ9 - summon ticket
    7. 2p06L5SAEtlP9gt - legendary hero
    8. 556toQNMZILqy7u - growth book
    9. WTSMiOsIR8dzz64 - level up
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