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    Gladius Relics of War cheat world: actions - the amount of actions (including retaliations) the unit can perform. Using an action normally consumes all movement. Movement - the number of tiles a unit can move through in one turn. Rough terrain requires more than a single movement point. Moving into a tile adjacent to an enemy ends movement. Sight - how far the unit can see. Line of sight is reduced by terrain features such as forest, smoke and cliffs.


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    Lasgun - las weapons fire packets of explosive laser energy - the larger the gun, the more powerful the shot. Armor - reduces the amount of damage taken from weapons and abilities. Each point of armour reduces the damage taken by approximately 8%. Hitpoints - the amount of damage the unit can sustain before dying. Morale - the psychological state of the unit. Below 50% morale units become damage shaken, lowering their damage by 25%.

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    The experience level of the unit. Every above the first increases the units, hit points, morale and damage by 10%. Tech priest enginseers serve as custodians for the vehicles of the imperial guard. With binary prayers and mystic rites, the enginseers soother the machine spirits of their tracked congregation. Without the diligent maintenance of the enginseers, the imperial guard would soon find themselves without the heavy armour vital to their very survival.
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    Gladius prime had seemed an excellent placement for an imperial governor. With its rich resources and strategic location, it was both easy and prestigious to rule. As Governor, your reign had been by the book - until the day the planet’s space stations fell flaming from the sky and the orks landed, followed by even worse Xenos horrors. You’ve regrouped the surviving civilians and Astra militarum troops into ove city, but there are still troops scattered beyond the walls. We must gather them, rebuild our cities, and reclaim this planet. For the Emperor!

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: heal - the units holds position until it is fully healed. Summary execution - executes a squad member of an adjacent infantry unit to restore morale of adjacent allied units. In extremis, a commisar must be prepared to execute wavering soldiers or incompetent officers without a monet’s remorse; few things enforce discipline better than a malcontent or coward being shot dead for their failings, and this message is all the stronger when a mass reactive bolt shell sprays a guardsman's brains across his horrified comrades in a shower of gore.

    Tricks: krak grenade - grants infantry units the ability to throw anti armour grenades. Krak grenades are implosive charges designed to crack vehicle armour. Breeding licenses - edict that increases the growth rate of the city. Tank commander - tank hero unit with formidable strength that also boosts nearby allied tank units. Rites of the machine spirits - edict that increases the production output of manufactorums in the city.
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