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    Pocket Dragons cheat world: let’s open the tutorial box, when - hatch the egg and craft a dragon. Caution: falling might cause you to lose this dragon. Now, deploy the dragon in battle. You’ve got a reward. You can use potions and items in battle. Give your dragons potions when you see the icon. Set it in a quick shot for auto use. Dragons get slower when they’re hungry for fruit. Set the charm in a quick slot to use it.


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    All characters know that Nasnja, the abandoned floating city, is a great place to find new monsters. Fusing monsters of the same species will grant more resonance XP. The capital of Thorem and the largest city on the continent. Situated in sheltered terrain, the city has draw traders and prospered for centuries. Water monsters are weaker against Ether monsters and stronger against fire dragons.

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    Grandmaster Tiffany Granger was born with heterochromia, which makes her eyes two completely different colors. Multiple identical runes equipped on one monster will have stacking effects. Remember to check the achievements tab in the academy for extra rewards. Don’t forget that equipping multiple runes on one monster can trigger special set bonuses. Having a healing dragon in your team increases your odds of survival.
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    Characters: frogseed - calm and gentle devil from the Ranidae family, who exerts superb fighting spirit upon enragement, loves to chit chat, constantly complains about global warming to Tonytle. Ablazegon - happy and optimistic, hip-hop enthusiast. A reliable buddy that everyone loves. Tonytle - one that is reliable, strong and tough, has high resistance towards enemy attack who think Frogseed is long winded and he can’t have fun pleasantly.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: magic stone gear can be used to pray to receive new gear. High energy bar - a piece of crystal with magnanimous power that is able to provide experience point to the monsters. Golden chest - treasure from the resting place of monster kings, it possible to uncover second reincarnation material. Strengthening gear is able to increase dragon’s battle point.

    Tricks: Monsters with higher resonance star ratings cast more powerful spells. Lon was an ancient nation famed far and wide for advanced studies into dimensional magic. Their greatest achievement was the creation of the floating city Nasnja.
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