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    Master of Eternity MOE cheat world: we were attacked by the imperial army. They destroyed the Asgard. I couldn’t save anyone but you when i escaped. The imperial army must have already found us. Touch the red tile to attack. There are so many of them! Where were they all hiding? We can wipe them out with our area - effective skill. Captain, do you know about achievements? They’re rewards you get when you satisfy certain objectives on missions. The more achievements you complete, the better the Asgard’s reputation will become. Try to get as many as you can.


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    AP are points used for missions and BP are for the battlefield. Also, you can check the amount of money you have here. Right side shows a list of your friends, your inbox, and submenus. Take a Pixie representative appointed by a friend into battle. Human resources, equipment, expenses - yours are the lowest in the entire Alliance army.

    Master of Eternity MOE cheats android, ios hack codes


    Drag and drop character’s icon into a member slot on the upper side, or use auto team to automatically form a team. Pixies yield cheer up points while enrolled on your team. Team’s suit is an assault type, meaning it has a broad range of movement and high melee attack power. The suits that you and i pilot are different. Shop - you can buy the supplies you need to operate your ship here. In the draw menu, you can use gems and co-op points to buy suits.
    Master of Eternity MOE gift box
    Gems are an important currency used to buy suits, credits, hearts, and items, and to expand your hangar as well. Credits are a currency used for reinforcing suits and parts. Hearts - used to recruit pixies from the pixie room and play their episodes. Available items are AP/BP restoratives and enhancement tickets that increase your chance of success during enhancement.

    Master of Eternity MOE secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: suits that you obtain can be checked in your hangar. In the hangar, you can equip and reinforce suits, parts, and items. Select a material suit and tap enhance. You can use items to increase your great success rate. Note that if you use an item of the same class as the material, you’ll get more experience. On the battlefield, your score bonus increases with each phase.

    Tricks: Sniper suit - it’s eqipped with a super powerful beam cannon which wipes out any enemies in a straight line. You can escape a battle by selecting leave. You can take a friend’s Pixie with you to future battles. Every time a new Pixie arrives, a red badge appears on the Pixie room. Episodes show the personal story of each Pixie. Each time you clear an episode, you will receive a new skill and a reward. When you clear all of a Pixie’s episodes, she will awaken and acheive significantly higher stats.
    Master of Eternity MOE hacked

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    9. lVOMMkKT1oIrNVN - upgrade
    10. 0bHsl43wVlxew4r - rank up
    11. YHilMf1iydTfZZu - premium pack
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