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    Sky Kingdoms cheat world: my lord, welcome to your city. Please strive for prosperity and triumph over others on this land. The city is in good condition! But everyone is starving. Please solve the food problem first. Bottom is our first step to conquer the land. We have sufficient food and resources. it’s time to build our own troops. This is also the place where you accept new quests. Keep completing quests, and we will develop quickly and crush all our enemies.


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    Castle - upgrade to unlock other buildings higher levels allot more movement points for the city. World map - you can search around for useful resources and interact with other players. Eliminating enemies on the map will grant you great rewards. Now we can upgrade a logging camp. Wood is very important and a key resource to train troops. Carbon is an essential resource to construct buildings and upgrade alchemies. We should upgrade a colliery.

    Sky Kingdoms cheats android, ios hack codes


    Lord, it’s time to utilize other resources for our city. Let’s upgrade a brimstone plant. Last, but not least is our most important resource - coin. It is the key resource required in every field in the city’s development. We need to develop our city’s alchemie. This is the only way to unlock new units and improve our power. There are many other tasks that need to be done. Please work hard to develop and meet our expectations. You will soon be the imperator of the land soon.
    Sky Kingdoms gift box
    You can store up to 1000 pieces of equipment extra equipment will be auto converted into Arkanum. Building a guild with others is of great help to our development. Join or create a guild now to obtain a free gift. Embassy - upgrade to improve guild interactions and related functions. Summo ten heroes to obtain a guaranteed class B hero.

    Sky Kingdoms secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: a set of good equipment is of great significance to heroes and can greatly increase their power on the battlefield. The smithy is where you can manufacture and enhance your equipment. You can manufacture more equipment types at higher levels. The development of alchemies will greatly improve the efficiency. therefore, it is very important to upgrade alchemies to let us grow faster than the enemies.

    Tricks: Don’t forget to claim your rewards every time you complete a quest. Logging in consecutively each day will earn you amazing rewards. Healing crystal - upgrade to increase the number of wounded troops that can be treated at the same time. Altar - higher building levels allow more heroes to be activated concurrently.
    Sky Kingdoms hacked

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    1. 6iiRlUcMxiQhEPJ - carbon
    2. e06pNyjScJK1UAK - brimstone
    3. JwJo9ZEsT0wNQAh - silver
    4. 7a8rRn68cbWOyoy - gold coins
    5. absJxHRashSkc1i - resources
    6. oiYqwl8mPq4UfAF - upgrade
    7. Ww3TIvKAB84m4RG - vip status
    8. 6NSPiV4iI0qWP8r - summon ten
    9. EosKv1iHPCEdcwo - wood
    10. 1iXjUT4rUX3tne6 - food
    11. tN4IKEjw9Fb52gv - gems
    12. GlrrpXkNr3M0ZZh - gift box
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