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    Attack on Titan 2 cheat world: there’s an interesting book here. A scouting journal left by a soldier. it’s passed through many hands on its journey to where it is now. What kind of a soldier the author was...Whether male or female even...Those details are lost. More victims of the turbulent past. But for the sake of argument, let’s call him “our man”. the journal weaves the tale of this nameless soldier and his life in battle.


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    More than one hundred years ago, giants appeared in this world. With their overwhelmingly superior strength, these titans immediately left the humans on the brink of extinction. Those few who survived managed to construct three mighty walls, strong enough to keep the titans out: Maria, Rose, and Sina. Inside these walls, the humans lived in safety. That day, humanity remembered. The fear of their rule...The humiliation of being trapped in a birdcage...

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    Press X to fire an anchor into nearby objects and go airborne with omni directional mobility. While in the air, X will launch another anchor while LS steers. Hit A for an air jump or hold the button to plow ahead at full speed - a technique called boost dashing. When in contact with a wall, keep LS tilted to perform a wall run - traversing along the wall. You can even come to a stop on a wall. Not all locations are anchor - compatible. When in such spots, and anchor disabled icon will show overhead.. You can move the camera around.
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    When titans are nearby, use RB to shift into combat mode. Using Y will then shoot an anchor into a titan body part, starting your ODM skirmish. Use LS to circle your target and A to boost. When engaging ODM, leave LS untitled to charge straight for the target. Then press Y right before making contact to attack the targeted body part. You can also hit A to accelerate before attacking - dealing massive damage. Use RS to switch focus to another body part, pressing Y directly after to anchor to it. Also, if there are multiple titans around, you can switch to targeting a different titan with R. Keep in mind, however, that circling the target as well as boosting will wear the anchor down - resulting in its eventual detachment.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: your actions during battle will be evaluated, with exceptional performance garnering handsome rewards. With each victory, you gain experience. Accrue enough and your character’s level will rise. The higher your level, the greater your SP (skill points) - required to equip skills. Regiment funds are earned with each victory in the field. Take down an exceptional number of titans and you will rake in additional rewards. Regiment funds are required to buy items and build new gear, etc.

    Attack on Titan 2 Tricks: materials, required to build new types of gear, are earned with each victory in the field. Destroy titan body parts to generate extra materials. If you go on a mission with other team members, or when fighting alongside others on a side mission, you can check how your friendship level with those people has increased once the battle is through. If the friendship gauge hits the maximum with anyone, that means you can increase your friendship rank with that person in daily life. Returning from a mission means returning to your daily life as a soldier. This portion of gameplay grants you access to shops and services, in addition to being able to converse with various characters. To use a service or initiate a conversation, simply go up to a character and use A.
    Attack on Titan 2 hacked
    Attack on Titan 2 Tutorial: talking to characters with a “!” icon overhead will move the events of your daily life forward. If you are ever unsure of where to go next, seek these characters out. There is a parameter known as friendship, which represents the strength of your various relationships. You can build friendship a number of ways, such as saying the right things when conversing, and doing other things to please the person in question. While in daily life mode, try pressing X to bring up your scout journal. This handy book contains info pertaining to missions, daily life, and more. It is comprised of different sections. Scout log: contains summaries of past missions and the overarching story. People log: contains a record of interactions with your allies. You can also check friendship levels for each.
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    Attack on Titan 2 Wiki: activity log: contains cumulative information about daily life and battles you’ve been involved in so far. History: provides a timeline convering events and battles in the attack on titan world. Public information: contains a glossary of key terms and their meanings. There are many different items. For more details, look on the status screen in the daily life pause menu, under equipment items heading. Engaging ODM requires gas. Once depleted, you movement will be heavily hampered. Attacking the enemy also wears down your blades. Use items to restock when the time is right.

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