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    Samurai Legends cheat world: the struggle between evil and justice did not last for long, and the psychics also defend civilization over and over again. However, the evil spirits that have been under the shadow of the eternal night in hell have not yet given up their desire for the human world. They searched far and wide for the shrines of souls, and imprisoned one innocent soul after another. This quiet village, which is dedicated to the tabernacle, is in the midst of the terror of the night, as the demons come.


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    Our village has been attacked by the dark forces, the psychic association is in danger, go back, and there will be a psychic association to assist you along the way. I’m cheat-on from the psychic association, and i’m here to assist you with the mission of the psychic association. There seemed to be a more powerful creature in front of them, but fortunately there was an advance by the psychic association of the witch’s apprentice - lulu and the son of the holy light - Caesar. Sorceress apprentice - lulu is a powerful figure in the psychic society. She can turn the enemy into a small animal for a short time, and can help us quickly destroy the enemy.

    Samurai Legends cheats android, ios hack codes


    Characters: Fury blade - near body combat occupation, full of killing desire, good at dash and repression, suitable for novice players. Weapon:bloodthirsty. Skills: fight against universe, furious dragon chop, blood moon killing soul. Heroine Rainbow - near and far course combination occupation, the skill is gorgeous, the strange unpredictable, the operation difficulty is high, suits the master player. Weapon: mastery umbrella. SKills: butterfly dance, fish dragon dance, blast sword dancing.
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    Soul master delicacy - ranged attack occupation, good at playing various spells and remote suppression, difficult to start. weapon - heaven ring. Skills: annihilation explosion, flame phantom pierce, blazing flame kill. Repel type samurai - in battle can attack the enemy who is repelled and combo attack to deal large damage.
    The white bar is and the fighter value, the monster will enter the when the value is empty. Release and the rogue skills can and slash a lot of PA values. To repel the skills that can cause and repel effects on the enemy. The enemy is to repel the and can trigger the and the psychic skills.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: a reasonable match to play the spirit is the key to win. Match up protagonist skill with samurai skill properly to deal large amount of damage. The more advanced the test level, the more rewarding the reward. Different skill matched different samurais can increase your damage. The level reaches samsung to acquire skill points for upgrading skills. The more advanced the test level, the more rewarding the reward.

    Tricks: receive a star treasure box, you can get rich rewards. The props in the copy will go into the backpack even after the customs clearance. Make friends - challenge dungeons together with friends. Send flower to other player could earn stamina. Samurai star formation could increase stats by percent. Mystery store sell a variety of goods at a low price, 8, 12, 18, 21 every day. The props in the copy will go into the backpack even after the customs clearance.
    Samurai Legends hacked

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