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    Bless online cheat world: behold a world torn asunder by chaos and strife. A world untamed … until now. Hone your skills, gather your armies, ascend to greatness. Welcome to the rich world of bless online, an expansive AAA fantasy MMORPG from Neowiz. Choose your side in an ongoing battle between Hieron and union. Explore dungeons, partake in raids, tame creatures and build your hero for epic realm us realm battles.


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    Participate in epic battles between Hieron and Union. Take part in small group fights to massive 100 us 100 siege fight. Rise to become a commander and lead your troops to victory. Prove who is the strongest of them all in PvP arena. Continents: Hieron is the northern continent. The holy empire is defending it’s civilized territory since more than hundred years. Union - the southern part of the continent. With their military alliance they fight the holy empire form the north.

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    Characters: habitch - built a divine empire that brought light to the Dark ages. They follow their emperor of light Haarman and the great emperor Eiger. Habitch value courage, honor and chivalry. Sylvan elf - are descendants of millennial kingdom. They once had the splendor, beauty and grace but they are now relegated to live in a deep forest and protect the tree of life. Lupus - race of strong and agile hunters who live in the forest. They are usually peaceful and love nature but they turn into ferocious beasts when their wild instinct awakens. Mascu - race of wanderers from another continent in search of new home. They excel at math and trade. Their mysterious technologies are sought after by both Hieron and Union.
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    Amistad - claim to be the true descendants of the Holy Lumen Empire. They occupy the union of the free cities of the south that gained independence from the empire. They are brilliant, lively and passionate. Aqua elf - are a race of exiled elves on the brink of extinction who challenge their fate. They alone inherit the secret essence of magic of Millennial kingdom. Pantera- are a race of warriors who worship strength and valor. They lived in small tribal groups before king Murabi united them and created a mighty kingdom in the Shakara Fortress.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: when a store window opens you can sell and item by double clicking him or by 1 right click on it. The higher gathering skill is, the higher chance to gather high grade materials. Manufacturing - the higher the skill level, the more valuable items can be created. After the use of flames blowout skill basic skills damage is decreased but you inflict additional damage to the target and around the target.

    Tricks: when using burn, curse or wound it will remove 1 damage lasting effect that was already applied. Designate a key to sheathe your equipped weapon. Sometimes while you fight you will be able to click R or T buttons to perform a quick skill chain attack. Open the help window form system menu or find “?” icons in game.
    Bless online hacked

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