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    Masters of Anima cheat world: a small emanation of Anima, tamed by the ancient wonders. Recover anima to fill your stock of robs. Summon a group of guardians to do your bidding. Each group consumes one full orb and takes one unit of population. Protectors are robus guardians, armed with an axe and proficient with their shield. Their good resistance makes them a solid front line defense during combat (consult the compendium for more information).


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    By default, summoned guardians follow Otto. Move to the designated location with your Guardians. Press to recall all guardians of the currently selected category. Recalled guardians cease their current action and return to follow Otto. Select guardians: hold to draw a circle of cursor selection around the cursor. Selected guardians will execute the next action or recall order. Quickly press twice to select all guardians of the same category.

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    Lock a target: hold to lock the cursor onto a nearby guardian interaction. When locked, action orders only apply to the locked target.Otto can move while targets are locked. Symbol of the Shapers of Spark, this medallion can increase the power of its wearer by inserting life crystals and power runes in it. The eruption has projected crystals, filled with a strange corruption that contaminates the area. Keep Otto at a distance from these crystals and use guardians to destroy them.
    Masters of Anima gift box
    Primal rage - the raw Anima that creates golems has a chaotic nature that unleashes its power if contained for too long. Destroy before the rage gauge, located beneath their life bar, empties. Otherwise golems will unleash increasingly violent attack. Healing wonder - a wonder that transfers the essence of life contained in tamed Anima. Restores Otto’s health entirely.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: battlecry - during combat, Otto can use an orb of Anima to activate surrounding guardians, triggering their special ability. Move Otto amid a group of guardians, then trigger the battlecry. Protectors (shield slam) - when activated by Otto’s battlecry, protectors smash their combat target using their shields. Watch out! SOme Golem attacks can be countered by the shield slam (the icon of protectors will appear on the enemy). Trigger the ability at the right time to deal a critical strike and stun the enemy for a short period.

    Tricks: attack using Otto to destroy fragile objects. Chain attacks in rapid succession for stronger hits. Destroy free branches to clear the way. After a terrible battle, Ana has been sundered into three parts by Zahr the Banished. Each part of Ana has been locked away in a soul shard and taken away by the Sunder lord.
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