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    Crest cheat world: in the beginning, all was water. In this endless ocean you awoke, alone. Slowly, many small worlds formed around you. Some hosted empty vessels that reminded you of yourself. You named them humans. They look to you for guidance and purpose. When you communicate with them, they only see a shadow of your true self. They take your words as their own. Their interpretations mold and reshape your form. They will redefine what is right and what is wrong. Your vessels are ready to take on the world. How they fare is up to you.


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    You are a god that guides your followers using only commandments. Find ways to make them prosper and survive in this world. Main tool - when communicating with your followers. It consists of words and verbs. To build a commandment you need a condition, an action and a target. Let’s start with commanding your followers to produce food. When you hold your mouse over a world or put it in the first slot, border will appear around huts to show you which followers will be affected by your commandment.

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    World discovery - here are unlockable words. Note that it only starts tracking a requirement when you have unlocked the tier it belongs to. When the condition, action and target are chosen, all you need to do is proclaim the commandment. Pressing this sends it to your followers. Be careful, commandments can not be deleted. Writing a commandment costs 4 influence. You gain influence over time. Doctrines determine if a city likes or dislikes a commandment. Select the City to find out more about it. Here’s everything you need to know about a city. The city resources, beliefs and expertise to name a few.
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    The first tab city needs shows what this city needs to survive. The cravings show what they crave right now. Their cravings are not necessarily what they objectively need but it makes them happier. Esteem - the bars indicate what the followers have and their base need. The white indicator represent what they currently have while the red is what they need. If the white indicator is above the red then they have more than what they objectively need (which is good). The city faith tab - the doctrine and its likes and dislikes are displayed here. These affect how a city reacts to your commandment and their faith in you.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: upward pointing arrows mean they like the commandment and faith increases. Downward pointing arrows show dislike and faith decreases. IF there’s just aline then they are neutral and faith doesn’t change. THe calendar can help you keep track of time. The calendar keep track of time in cycles and periods. There are 8 periods to every cycle. It also has predictions about the weather and if had things are on the horizon. Global Faith window - in order to progress, you have to unlock words. Hover over each of them to find out the requirements to do so. Once unlocked, words can be used freely in the word tablet.

    Tricks: if cities need something they can trade with others. Trade routes are visible when selecting a city. If cities share the same doctrine or like the same commandments, they are more prone to like each other. You’ll always receive 1 influence each period. Bonus consists of your overall faith and will be received each half cycle. Nature has a delicate balance in crest. Your followers may upset that balance if you are not careful. If you work the land too much by planting berries, farming or founding too many cities, drought may become a problem.
    Crest hacked
    Tutorial: if animals are too prosperous it can have negative effects on nature, be aware. Both herbivores and carnivores play their part in the circle of life. There are 6 different doctrines in total. Depending on the doctrine, the city will like or dislike your commandments. If a city likes youNow you have the basic knowledge to get by in Crst, tutorial bubbles will still appear when new things pop up. There’s still a lot to look forward to, such as city relations, monuments and unlocking all the words. Go and create the religion that you want them to have.

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