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    Earthlock cheat world: the ruins of the past. Shrouded in mystery… Legends claim men bowed in fear and awe of a mythic civilization that ruled across all of Umbra. God like, harsh rulers who harnessed amri. The magical energy they stored in our planet’s core. There was an uprising. In the midst of war Umbra shook and ground to a halt. The amri core burst. Spilling across the lands that day and night had split in two. Volcanoes erupted. Tsunamis rose, and when the sea calmed, the mythic race was but a memory and Umbra was anew.


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    In its remains flowers and beasts were trained by amri. For good, and bad. Men and other struggled on … soon, new civilization grew. Now, umbra is calm. In the north the Suvian empire rules. But dark whispers dwell in the ruins of the old...Combat: enemies are vulnerable to different types of physical and elemental attack types, so vary attacks to find their weaknesses. Bonds: each new level of bond increases the rate at which battle bond is generated, leading to more supers in combat.

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    We will start with combat abilities. Combat abilities allow you to select from a list of abilities in your current stance. Using abilities in your scout stance costs both amri and one turn. Select items and use potions if your health gets low. Remember, your will have to use ranged attack to hit enemy. Switch stance to access ranged abilities. Stances give you different sets of combat abilities, allowing you to choose strategies depending on the enemy types. Changing stances costs one turn, allowing your enemy to attack. You can set your starting stances from the pairs menu before combat begins.
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    Enemies will attempt to engage (!) in combat if you get close enough to them, but will give up (?) if you get too far away. The combat countdown timer is displayed when enemies attempt to engage in combat. It shows both the number of enemies and the remaining time before combat starts.
    Skills: fire trap - a melee attack that inflicts physical piercing damage and fire trap (inflict magical fire damage when the target performs a melee ability). Lance - a ranged attack that inflicts physical piercing damage. Water bomb - a multi target ranged attack that inflicts water damage. Scout - Ive uses traps and melee to atack the enemy and skills to support the party.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: press A to get the first turn in battle, before the timer runs out or the enemies get close and strike you. The experience you gain is significantly increased by fighting more and more enemies. Be brave and bold, Gather and fight as many enemies as you dare. Approach the targets and try and engage (!) both of them in combat. Taika at the start of turn generate one amri, but Taika use up amri when you perform combat abilities. The rest ability is a way of generating one extra amri per turn.

    Earthlock Tricks: select utility abilities and use the rest ability if you do not have enough amri to perform an ability. In your thief stance you can steal items and Daler from enemies, or use stab to deal piercing damage. Switch to the blaster stance to deliver powerful exploding elemental and non elemental attacks. Your balster uses Spud ammo which can be found in the world or bought in shops. SO remember to keep your ammo supplies topped up. Nothing worse than running out of Spuds in the middle of battle. Have i told you about the time when...
    Earthlock hacked
    Tutorial: the origin talent is unique per character and is the source of power for the talents. All new talents must be connected to the origin talent to be active. Adding a new talent requires a talent point and that the talent is added next to an already active talent. Talents: Blaster - Amon can attack enemies from range using his Blaster using a range of exploding Ammo types. Thief - allows Amon to attack targets using stab. Amon can also gain items and Dalar by using steal.

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