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    . Free cheats code list Martial Heroes - action point, key, crystal, gold, legend orb box, evolution stone, gem of samsara, monthly subscription package, wings.

    Martial Heroes cheat world:my name is cheat-on, and i’ll be helping you on your journey. I’ve heard your legends, but i didn’t expect such a young person to arrive. We need your help with an urgent matter. It is about a bandit camp near the mountain path. Ever since the bandits built their camp, they’ve been stopping people from going through the path. Due to their actions, villagers are anxious, and no one crosses the road anymore. Please defeat those bandits for us.


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    Tap where the arrow is pointing to start playing. You can buy battle prep item to prepare for your adventures. Battle prep items will make your adventures easier and more convenient. Auto battle will help you on your adventures. Tap the button on the right side to start auto battle. When you successfully complete an adventure during a quest, a button will be displayed to proceed with the next step. By playing story quests, you’ll receive rewards from the quest menu.

    Martial Heroes cheats android, ios hack codes


    Characters: assassin - a class with high continuous attack that uses dual sword skills and attacks enemies with fast combos to deal continuous damage. Fighter - a class that utilizes fast combo attacks with martial arts using armored first and feet. Sorcerer - a class that uses fire, ice, and lightning skills to perform AoE attacks and powerful blows. Warrior - a versatile class that uses blades to perform powerful attacks and combos.
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    I’ll teach you how to equip your new skills. In character menu you can see you recently acquired skills! By dragging the skills to the skill slots on the right, you can equip them. Drag your recently learned skill to free place to equip it. Don’t forget to tap the save button whenever you change your skills’ slots.

    Martial Heroes secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: level up and upgrade your equipment. Maximum level equipment under Transcend can be upgraded to become higher grade equipment. The grades of equipment range from normal to transcend. Aim for the enemy’s weakness! Powerful auto evade! Experience dynamic action and strong character!

    Tricks: All ancient ruins provide orbs that boost battle point. They will be open for 3 days a week and the orb is different for each dungeon. Combo system only for you. Assemble the best combo system to destroy your enemies. NPC dialogues pop up during Quests from time to time. Tap the below arrow to skip to the next dialogue.
    Martial Heroes hacked

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    4. 6Qvf3FRcBm2C0eF - gold
    5. 5ZYx0rhonEvIJQN - legend prb box
    6. Dyitoy6FtRTdk3V - evolution stone
    7. MywG2TmWoRKlOWI - gem of samsara
    8. lZImGm8xmgHHlkG - monthly subscription package
    9. 39VQCMqjCrCKBck - wings
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