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    AI War 2 cheat world: We’ve started you off with a scout in addition to your home command station. Very important: home command stations are the most vital unit. Whicher team loses all of theirs first, loses the game. If this were Chess, your home command station would be your king. If one player controls multiple home planet command stations, destroying one will destroy them all. Zoom all the way out: the easiest way to zoom is with your wheel mouse - you are playing this with a wheel mouse, right? Alternatively, you can use the page up and page down keys. To quickly go to specific zoom levels, you can also use the Q, W,E, and R hotkeys. When zooming in using the mouse wheel or the paging buttons, it zooms in on your cursor.


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    Press the TAB key to switch between the view of a single planet and a view of the entire galaxy. You will routinely be switching between these two views throughout the game, so be sure to remember this hotkey. Galaxy view will be instrumental for planning and executing your strategy. This view shows you all the planets you have explored, as well as an intel summary for each one. Hover over both your planet (yellow) and the enemy (red) planet to see the intel summary for each. See the PO through P9 buttons on the left? Those are the priority buttons. They don’t affect gameplay, but are essentially a way for you to take notes. In a galaxy with 80+ planets, most of which belong to enemies, it can be hard to remember where to go. As you explore each planet, you can mark its priority so that you remember how important each planet is to you.

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    You can switch back to your planet using the galaxy map or by ctrl-clicking a wormhole. During the course of a typical game, your team will capture dozens of planets and you’ll need to get used to switching between them. You’ll also need to get used to routing ships between planets, and sending scouts out to get upgraded intel. Along the top of the screen, from left to right, you can see info for metal, energy, and knowledge. You have two rows for metal and knowledge: the top row shows you how much of each resource you’ve accumulated (and can now spend). The bottom row shows you your per second income of each resource.
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    Note that your knowledge income rate won’t increase until they are done, You can hover over the in progress science labs to see how much longer it will take. YOur science labs have now extracted all the knowledge they can from this one planet, and will need to be moved to another planet in order in order for you to have any knowledge income. No matter how many labs you build, you can only gather 3000 knowledge per planet ( you also start with 10000). If you ever buld a unit that you later don’t want, you can select it and hit the delete key to scrap it.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: almost all ships use energy, usually between 50 and 200 per ship. Some ships cost 10000 or more energy - don’t build more of those than you can support. Energy isn’t stockpiled - what you see at the top of the screen is your current net balance, based on how much energy you are currently producing versus how much energy your ships are consuming. unlike other resources, you don’t harvest energy from a specific spot: just build an energy collector anywhere. You can only have 1 energy collector per planet, if you need more energy you can build matter converters. When your ships die, your net energy increases, when you build new ships, it decreases.

    AI War 2 Tricks: build the matter converter near your engineers, and the engineers will help build it faster. Try to build (and defend) a collector on every planet you’ve taken to avoid needing the expensive converters. We didn’t touch on ship caps. Basically, you have a limited number of each type of ship you can build, so you’ll want to unlock new ship types to increase the overall size of your fleet. Choosing where to use your weaker versus your stronger ship types - since you will need to build them all - is a big part of the strategy. We also didn’t discuss hacking.
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