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    Spellweaver cheat world: greetings, young spellweaver! Well, we’re having a little problem involving goblins. Could you please give us a hand? I’m cheat-on - your inner guide. Let’s help Namir together! The poor guy always gets into trouble. You start with 1 mana and no levels. Lost legion spearman costs 1 mana, but it also requires one order gold level. Use a shrine card to level up, and play the spearman. You need 1 more to play heavy infantry.


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    Use your second shrine to gain a new mana crystal. This will also get you a new card. Creatures must wait a turn before attacking. Better cards require a higher hero level to be played. Have a look at the stats of heavy infantry. They’re not bad, but it has only 1 speed. It can’t attack creatures faster than itself . Speed (SP) - displayed as a number of arrow icons. Determines which creatures can be attacked/blocked. Attack - how much damage is dealt. Hit Points - how much damage can be taken.

    Spellweaver cheats android, ios hack codes


    Do you see the floating Zs? They indicate that the creature is exhausted. Exhausted creatures can’t attack or block. All cards are readied again at the start of your turn. To block you need a ready creature with at least the same speed as the attacker. Don’t worry, all creature damage is healed each turn. War fanfares - allied creatures get +1 attack and +1 health point until end of turn. To kill the gigantodon, you need to deal damage to it equal to his HP.
    Spellweaver gift box
    Cards: elite vanguard (creature - human soldier) - they are the first to enter battle and the last to remain standing. Heavy infantry - sometimes you just need brute strength in heavy armor. Knight escort - at the end of combat on your turn, ready knight escort. Knight escort has a power. Read the card to see what it does. This power allows knight escort to block on the enemy turn after it attacked on your turn. Elf scout - eyes of the forest, always seeing but unseen. Elf warrior - faster than a shadow and just as silent, they always succeed in taking the enemies by surprise.

    Spellweaver secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: ray of righteousness - destroy an enemy spell, or destroy an enemy creature with 3 attack or more. With speed and cunning, you can easily win every battle. Everything is slower than an elf scout. Locked in combat - once attacked, a creature is locked in combat, and can no longer be used as a blocker.

    Tricks: deploy defensive spiritas in frontrow to better protect allies in the back. Summoned creatures are not real cards. They disappear when they leave the field. Ranged - deals damage in combat before non ranged creatures. Swift - can attack on the turn it enter the field or moves to the front line. There are other ways to be fast in combat. Ambushing sharpshooter knows two of these ways. He is ranged, and deals damage in combat before non ranged creatures.
    Spellweaver hacked

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    1. gOOVerZRQSN93cR - legendary card
    2. QDK6uNMTPuwpyzK - gift box
    3. ckfuQjawSVWZay1 - gold
    4. TVOAHOzkUaq9Ox6 - upgrade
    5. 3ctKg1AEYXj5iQj - level up
    6. G0BHxqpy4NdYADt - crystal gem
    7. YtFi3di72qwOZ7t - diamonds
    8. 3u0dUzfrbGhtSII - premium pack
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