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    Driftland cheat world: do not be afraid, young mage, i am one of the eyes of Karhas Muir, a artifact of old, and i wish to aid you in your quest. Start with casting magic eye. In the spell menu, choose the category marked with a blue arrow and then the spell’s icon. Click on an island hidden in the fog of war to reveal it. Magic Eye - summon an outlandish watcher to reveal a selected part of the map for the duration. After that, cast arcane currents. Again, in the spell menu, choose the category marked with a blue arrow and then the spell’s icon. Click on the new island and choose its new location to move it closer.


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    Build a bridge. In the building menu choose the category marked with a blue arrow and the the structure’s icon. Connect your island with the new one, adding it to your empire. Buildings: cottage - a home for the population of your empire. Allows you to assign more workers to your production structures, recruit more heroes and explorers or collect more gold. Upgrades: further increases your population limit, increases durability and vision radius.

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    Characters: warrior - the guardian of close combat is strongly aggressive. The constant output enables him to freely shuttle in the complex battlefield and be the vanguard of the force. Mage - the guardian of long distance has extremely high strike rate. Once the sleeping element is awake, it can strike the enemy or cause devastation in one blink. Archer - the guardian of long distance has extremely high evasion rate, It is quick and agile and the endless bomb traps and raid tactics and always terrify and piss off the enemies.
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    The most balanced and ambitious humans can upgrade their castle by one additional level, gaining an economic advantage over other races. The cunning Dark Elves raise intricate, but less durable buildings, focusing on the incomparable training for their units. Some spells require mages to perform a ritual.
    Planetwalking - the art of planetwalking , originating from the driftland’s cataclysm itself. It allows you to send your heroes over great distances or summon enigmatic creatures from uncharted worlds. instead of a bridge, you can connect islands and add a new one to your empire for a limited time with gates of Thyr spell. Choose the category marked with a blue arrow and then the spell’s icon to place two connected portals.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: The gates of Thyr - using incantations of an ancient mage Astramos Thyr, create two arcane gates, allowing any unit to move freely between them and connecting nobody’s islands to your empire for the duration. Place an exploration flag. Right click on the ground and then choose the icon marked with a blue arrow. Your heroes will explore the place. Click on the building to learn its upkeep cost and additional population limit. Click on the structure and grab the marked slider to assign workers. That will increase food production of your empire. Further increase population limit by building another cottage.

    Driftland Tricks: to avoid overpopulation, each island has a limit of cottages, shown as a house icon. Place the cursor over various islands. Look at the statistics at the top of the screen to find the islands with the biggest amount of wood and stone - the basic construction resources. Find a place to build a lumberjack. Choose the marked category and then the structure’s icon. Green area shown during the building phase indicates large amount of resources, yellow stands for medium and red for low. You can upgrade your fishery to increase the number of workers you can assign to the building. Remember to avoid hunger at all costs.
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