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    Wings of Glory cheat world: you woke up realizing you’re on a strange island after your airplane has crashed. But who knows that you are about to start your journey of awakening by collecting magical instruments that are scattered around the world, and ultimately, seek for the fruth of the world. You feel trapped on the strange island and started to explore the around in hope to search for a way to return home. Monsters appearing, use attack and skills to defeat them. Look, boss has entered into fatigued state! it will become extra vulnerable during this state, quickly attack it.


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    Change for a better grade weapon, the fashion always display the style of the strongs. The types of pet are: output, defense, healing and control. Finding the fight combination will make your battle easier. Plays a central role in the village. Various gameplay functions are unlocked according to base level. Expansion is gonna prove essential if you want your village to flourish. In addition to the base, your village has other establishments that can produce and store resources.

    Wings of Glory cheats android, ios hack codes


    Characters; Mad warrior - good at melee battle, assault, recovery, possesses high attach, HP. Mechanic genius - good at ranged battle, controlling, possesses endless gunfire. Shadow killer - good at mid to melee range battle, possesses speed, HP. Raise the level of the character card as much as possible by using all the stamina you have in your possession.
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    The restaurant can generate gol, as gold collected will be stored in the bank. The monument can generate stamina energy, as stamina energy collected will be stored in the shrine. However, you mustn’t neglect these establishments! Don’t forget to tap to collect what you’ve produced. You can also decide how many levels to raise your card. Going up one by one is pretty annoying, so try going up all levels at once.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: when you aren’t sure what to do next, i recommend checking under achievements. When playing attack mission and special missions, please read through carefully the following precautions. We appreciate your understanding. Be sure to play in a location where the connection is stable. You can check which buffs and debuffs are currently applied to you. Improving your basic skills and checking your status are the foundation of castle management and battle.

    Tricks: as you continue your adventure, you will acquire various gems. These gems can be equipped on your hero to make them stronger. Hero management - here are the hero’s star sign info and gem slots. Only gems that are the same shape as the slot can be equipped. Select a slot to display all owned gems of the same shape. It’ll be more effective after equipping if you choose a gem with the option best suited for the hero.
    Wings of Glory hacked

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    1. rACg9GvHRDw2iI1 - wing
    2. oSe4ovOQHyG1mgr - egg
    3. YX2HuMOGzrqzM8a - mount
    4. 2Sb1KmWWvP2Ymvm - gold
    5. 0RYt9zmQ4jA8bky - level up
    6. LY5LIMviRsRQNJX - upgrade
    7. aFFHIT1RTdj3ICK - stamina energy
    8. 7e5FavdiEmrUxw7 - vip card
    9. 1b3Ek7d2kAL91qr - premium ticket
    10. WIcre7VDJYX3CZd - gems
    11. XdBBtw929wGULPR - diamond crystal
    12. cHrrPkzxkZKou8m - evolve
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