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    Forged Battalion cheat world: click the new unit area to begin customizing a brand new unit. As you create the unit, the large hex icon will show your weapon selection, while the two smaller icons will show the support and movement upgrades. You can only have four units per factory type and three active turrets at one time. Units not added to a factory cannot be built in tactical combat. The hex with the i, ii, or iii on your unit indicates the build level. This is used to determine the prerequisites needed to build the unit in tactical combat. Build level one requires the factory only. Build level two requires a comm center, and build level three requires the superweapon.


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    Weapons - click these tabs to filter the list to weapon, support and movement upgrades. The list will always show you only the upgrades that will fit on the currently selected chassis type. If you have the HQ or superweapon slots active, these tabs will change to show those upgrade types. Custom unit stats - this area shows the stats for your currently selected unit. These stats update depending on what upgrades you attach. When you are satisfied with the unit you have built, give it a name and click the save button to add it to your list.

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    Tech tree: tech nodes that are available for purchase are lit up with a plus sign icon. Click the node to purchase the tech. The cost for each node is shown below its icon. Tech you have already purchased will be lit up and the price will be hidden. Once you purchase a tech node, all associated upgrades will become available in the customize pane. Tech nodes unlock for all of your faction blueprints. Each tech node can unlock 1-4 upgrades. The more upgrades in the node, the more expensive it will be. The tech tiers represent a leap in technology. To pass the tier line, you must purchase five nodes in any previous tier. The nodes that begin unlocked count for this requirement.
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    Research points - you earn them by playing any aspect of the game. You spend research point on the tech nodes below. Unavailable tech will appear grey if the node has an unfulfilled prerequisite. If you do not have enough research points, the price will appear red. Lines represent a prerequisite. If the node you want to buy is connected by one of these lines, you must purchase all of the connected nodes to the left first. The tech tiers represent a leap in technology. To pass the tier line, you must purchase five nodes in any previous tier. The nodes that begin unlocked count for this requirement.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: each movement type (wheels, treads, hover, walker) has a different movement speed and behavior. SOme movement types may be better on some maps than others. HQ - it controls all of the functions of the MMP. With this we can construct above ground factories and support structures. You can reduce the power draw of factories by adding less than four units to that factory in your custom faction. Having a well balanced unit selection in your faction is more important than a lot of firepower.

    Tricks: don’t stack late game units in your factories - you open yourself up for being rushed with no units on the field. There are no limitations in the tech tree - it is possible to unlock all of the nodes eventually. All weapons can shoot at aircraft except those that have lobbed shots or a cone effect (such as artillery, grenades or flamethrowers.
    Forged Battalion hacked

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