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    Bannermen cheat world: greetings, my name is cheat-on. I will guide you through this game, where you will learn the basic of the game. First, you need to know how to maneuver the camera. This could be done either by mouse panning or using your arrow keys. By using “mouse scroll you are able to zoom.” The minimap will give you an overview of what is happening on the map. The selection window shows info about your selected units. By holding down space the camera automatically follows your selected units.


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    Look at that, you have discovered a main base and some workers. Workers are the only units that can construct buildings and collect resources. There are two types of resources in Bannermen: wood and gold. Resources are to be found in specific places on the map, marked with one of symbols. Selec your workers and right click on a resource. Later on, when you got enough resources, construct a house.

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    Houses are needed to expand your unit supply. Next step is to produce an army. To do that, you need to construct a training camp. In the training camp you are able to train footmen and archers. To prepare your soldiers for war, take your army north and let them practice. Use the catapult to provoke an avalanche by the cliff. The fallen snow will form a ramp so that your army can move forward.
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    TO take control of a nature power, you have to build a temple on a holy spot. Snowstorm - reduces the vision for all players and freezes the lakes and rivers on the map. Build production facilities and gather resources to strengthen your kingdom. Build your army by training soldiers at the barracks. Use them to harvest resources and collect items. Defeat monster to level up hero. Strengthen your hero, defeat monsters for upgrade materials Unlock your hero’s real prowess by learning various skills.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: ally with friends to build your empire. Use your hero’s power, resources and allies to create a giant empire. You earn rewards when you complete a quest, so it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Upgrade your hero’s leadership to increase the maximum number of soldiers in a single marching army. You will keep your alliance honor if you quit the alliance. Level up your embassy to increase your possible ally reinforcement troops.

    Tricks: the bubble above the hospital shows that you have wounded troops ready to heal. Tap the bubble to go heal them. Enhancement will further improve hero abilities and unlock new spells. After enhancement, you can check the spells section of the hero details screen to see your unlocked spells. In battle, spells will be cycled and cast in the order indicated by the arrows. Upgrade castle to level 6 to unlock upgrade spell and make your spell more powerful.
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