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    Solidus cheat world:the first thing we need to do is gain the essential skills. We will have to go down to Emperol to collect the required materials for the research. There is a small risk that you will run across the Unchosen. With a trading post, you can use the trade feature ti buy and sell things. You can increase the trader’s properties and quantities by performing modifications. Forge - produces equipment for the agents to use. You can make higher grade equipment by performing modifications. Workshop - producing tools to be used during battles. Processes materials to make various goods. You can make better tools by performing modifications.


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    When an agent reaches maximum level, you can raise the level limit by upgrading. Materials for upgrade can be obtained by graduating other agents. A long forgotten cocoon left on the ground. The seal has weakened and can be released quickly. If you release it in a clinic tier 1 or above, you can recruit one of the following agents. To use the tool during combat, you must place it on the vessel. Press select tool in the view ship details.

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    Characters: Nayson Farah - a mage from the durel mage guild. One of the twins from the Nayson school, she is on a journey to develop a new type of magic. She does not have a drop of defense skills, but she does have an outstanding attack ability specialized in melting the enemy. Her main skill is to cover everything with flames, so if there’s a tank that could deal continuous damage and keep the party’s formation for a fixed time, she will be able to show off her unimaginable fire power. Her teamwork with her little sister, Nayson Deborah, is very good. They’re strongly recommended as a pair when planning a firepower party. Spiky cactus - one of the new breeds born from a cactus. Attacks enemies by shooting thorns from the rear of the party, and stands strong before enemies who come tacking, pushing toughly forward.
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    Kisa - the third prince of fallen kingdom of Callios. In search of the reasons that lead Calliose to its ruin, this boy wanders the world collecting vestiges of the old kingdom. He has the genes of Kraton, the one known as the Ironblood king of Calliose, giving him a strength that his slender body doesn’t suggest. Utaha - a ninja from Kunlun. Her specialty is toying with the enemy using her tricky movements. Her strengths include tying the feet of enemies who come to penetrate the lines, and dealing a crippling amount of damage then fleeing to avoid taking damage herself. Roen Charger - while facing down injustice in the name of eradicating evil, there is nothing more important to this soldier of the knights of Roen than leading an honorable life. Roen Charger unit’s specialty is wielding dual blades, which boast an attack at lightning speeds.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: time stone - a magic stone that makes time flow faster. It can shorten the time it takes to complete a task. Increase the cocoon storage limit by performing modifications. To ensure missions can be safely completed, agents should be assigned strong equipment. Of course, no one will give you free equipment. You won’t find any lying on the ground, either. If you click the marker above the building, you can start the task immediately.

    Tricks: you can complete the task immediately by pressing a task in progress and use a sphere or time stone. Dodge backwards by tapping an agent’s portrait in battle. You can choose the manager of each building in the facility menu. The agent who becomes the manager works periodically and has various benefits. YOu can change your name and the Haven’s name. Try tapping the magnifying glass button at the top left of the city screen.
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