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    Northgard cheat world: news came of a mysterious land lying beyond the Iron Hail, prompting the clan elders to send their bravest warriors. They sailed through fog and storms, navigating the treacherous iron sea. Until they finally reached the shores of new world. Click the build button to construct a building. Select any spot in the area to place the building. Clicking twice will select all units with the same job in a given area. Right click on the scout to turn your villagers into scouts.


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    You can right click several times to issue multiple orders. You need woodcutters to produce wood. Build a woodcutter’s lodge and turn one of your villagers into a woodcutter. Scout camp - train your villagers to become scouts who can explore new areas. Scout - explore new areas, allowing you to expand your territory. They can also explore ruins and shipwrecks. Shipwreck - use your scouts to explore this wreck, where you will find krowns and wood. House - provides shelter for more clan members. Town hall - spawns new villagers when you have enough happiness. Villager - gather food in the wild. Stock up so that your clan doesn’t starve during winter.

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    Clan: Fenrir - the clan of the wolf. Aggressive, protective of their freedom, and more than a little reckless. They are well prepared to face the dangers of Northgard and use their combined might and mobility to leave little chance ti all but the most resilient. Slidrugtanni - the clan of the boar recluse forgotten by the other clans and recently rediscovered, the clan of the boar is both mystical and untamed. Their understanding of the world is unmatched, as are their boorish and primitive ways. Bjarki - the clan of the bear. Stalwart protector of the land, the clan of Bjarki is home to the most resilient warriors. Hailing from the northern reaches of the realm, they are also very well suited to survive the harsh winters of Northgard.
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    Huginn and Muninn - the clan of the raven. Great explorers and merchants, their mighty fleet allowed them to be the first to land on Northgard. They are strong trade partners if you don’t mind their constant scheming. Brash and swift, they will often be found roaming where you least expect them. Heidrun - the clan of the goat. When it comes to surviving in dangerous conditions and building sturdy settlements, the clan of the goat has no rival. They will endure and survive no matter what. Eikthurnir - the clan of the stag. Proud of their legacy of astonishing achievements, they are renowned as much for their honorable and regal manner as for their harsh justice and unyielding strength. Valuing wealth and fame, they are highly ambitious expansionists.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: select your warrior and right click on the area occupied by foes to attack them. Recruiting several warriors will increase your chances of victory but reduce your food/ wood production. The colonized areas will allow you to construct new buildings. Make sure to store enough food and wood to survive northgard’s harsh winters. Training camp - increase your warband size and recruits military units. Warriors are the most common warband units. They are good fighters with no specific strengths or weaknesses.

    Tricks: healer - gather medicinal herbs that your wounded will use to heal themselves. Merchant - maintaining buildings and recruiting a warband costs knowns merchants generate a steady income for your clan.Axe thrower - are ranged units that are more powerful than the average warrior but a bit more fragile. Group - click to select a specific job among the group. Woodcutter - specialized in harvesting wood, woodcutters are necessary to improve your clan’s settlement. Hunter - skilled hunters will track and kill deer to provide meat for your clan.
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