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    RoV Tactics cheat world: in brings galaxies and stars closer to each other. It creates clusters and neighbours. Everything is a part of the void. The void is our cosmos and our chaos. As civilizations developed more and more, life out of atmospheres was mastered; and when the human race started to colonize the void, it come a long way of mixing with other species. Nowadays it is add to see a human with a pristine genome. Humanity now is more of a concept. The void is full of life. Precious life that deserves to be cherished. And that’s where you come in, hero of the void. An old threat is back and the realms are in danger.


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    An old warlock escaped from it’s prison and our realm’s creatests are trying to capture him again. But the adds are uncertain...Our realm’s greatests fought hard, but little were they prepared for what was about come. The warlock started to speak, and then everything stopped. The giant Mamma and the giant Pappa sitting in celestial thrones to reunite their sons. The dark lord will join to guide them into the lands of Men and bring war so the chains of Lugos can find their end. The prophetical spell broke space and time for a moment, and that was it for the mission and our heroes.

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    Welcome to seasonal system, home of Torchlight star. The outer reaches of this sector belong to the Crown’s realm, the breeder of knights, protectors of the realms. Present in all systems, this powerful realm extends its protection to smaller realms and planets with no banners. They are the noble benefactors of those who are weaker. Following the teachings of the guide of wanderers.Wanderers of the Void, bannerless tinkerers, scavengers, mechanics contractors, artisans and pilots, circle around the planets of other realms, trying to make a living in the open void. There, they are free to make ends meet outside of the official protection of any realm. The biggest threat to the Lugos are “the raider legions”. a faction of colonizers who want to turn smaller planets and mining colonies into their slaves and pillage their resources. They attack quickly and fiercely and erect small dictator ships, commander by a Legarys who only answers to the authority of their supreme legatus.
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    I can’t believe the evil atreidious Odlocki has escaped the crown’s cellars! The realm’s greatest will stop this! Don’t miss your objectives! Remember to come to me to get your rewards and be on the lookout for the next quests! Just enter the minstrel screen, quest tab! Swipe with your finger to control the camera. You can change its sensitivity in the settings. Units will be selected automatically. Move to the highlighted tile on the grid. Delrhin belongs to the str archetype, always presented with the red color. STR archetypes has high physical resistance (phys res) and weak elemental resistance.STR attacks deal physical damage, you can tap his portrait to check his stats. Since you don’t have more actions, your turn it’s over.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gilles is a STR type but is also a tank, meaning he is built to protect. Protect - tap an ally to shield it and reduce damage taken. Movement skills affect how a unit moves through the environment, like leaping or teleporting. Positioning your units correctly is essential when drawing a strategy. There’s chance, after any attack, that the target unit might block or dodge it. When accepting a new mission, be sure to check the rewards and see what real you are serving. In panel you can see the hero’s info: his realm, backstory and his rarity. Also his archetype information and skills.

    Tricks: INT archetypes do elemental damage and has good defence against it, but it has weak physical defence. Healing skills mitigate damage during the battle, but the real healing comes afterwards. When a unit receives an attack, it will try to counter it. Counters work by archetype and by range. Heroes have special skills. Tap on the lower left to use hero’s skill. Zoom out to have a better view. This is useful when using ranged units. Colmar is an aim type of unit, able to deal ranged physical damage. Aim units have balanced defences. The aim type is able to counter ranged attacks. Martialists belong to the front rows of the crown’s army. They are the shields of the empire, protecting the weak and strong with their might.
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